Fake Woman Priest Says Fake Masses in North Carolina


Fake priestess Abigail Eltzroth, 64 was ordained by The Association of Roman Catholic Priests this past weekend in Asheville, North Carolina. The Association is a fake Roman Catholic something or other and the woman is now saying fake masses because she “doesn’t care.”

If you haven’t guessed, she and her pals are left-wing.

The Roman Catholic Church does not support any of this nor do they ordain female priests, but she’s already excommunicated and “doesn’t care”.

“I’m sure that I will be [excommunicated] if I haven’t been already,” Eltzroth told The Charlotte Observer. “But there are plenty of saints who have been excommunicated. So that’s not going to stop us.”

Eltzroth “now plans to to start a Catholic worship community in the Asheville area,” according to The Observer.

There are 250 of these fake priestesses.

It’s actually a sin to knowingly receive the sacraments from a fake priest.

“The Vatican states that we are excommunicated; however, we do not accept this and affirm that we are loyal members of the church,” the organization claims. “We continue to serve our beloved church in a renewed priestly ministry by welcoming all to celebrate the sacraments in inclusive, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered communities wherever we are called.”

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