Fallen Officers Laid to Rest as Administration Laments the Plight of Criminals



Officer Brian Moore was a 25-year old officer dedicated to protecting and serving the community. He was shot for no reason by a career criminal.

Governor Cuomo attended the wake of Officer Brian Moore Thursday and Mayor De Blasio and Police Commissioner Bratton attended the funeral. Commissioner Bratton promoted Officer Moore, a hero cop.

Noticeably absent were representatives from the White House. Three White House reps attended the funerals for criminals Freddie Gray, Michael Brown and others far less deserving.

Loretta Lynch met with the Gray family earlier this week to reassure them and “hold hands”.

She wasn’t in New York to hold hands with the family of Officer Moore. This is what Obama justice looks like.

Lynch, in a bland little statement, said this about Officer Moore in testimony on Capitol Hill Thursday morning:

“Over the course of my career– as a federal prosecutor and as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York – I have been privileged to work closely with truly outstanding public safety officials and I have seen, up close, the dangers that they face every day. Earlier this week, Officer Brian Moore, a 25-year-old New York City police officer, died after being shot while trying to question a man in Queens. And just two days ago, Sergeant Greg Moore of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho was tragically gunned down, also while interacting with a suspicious individual…”

“…Their exemplary work is the foundation of the trust that must exist between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. And that is why, when there are allegations of wrongdoing made against individual officers and police departments, the Department of Justice has a responsibility to examine the evidence and, if necessary, implement changes…”

“The situation in Baltimore involves a core responsibility of the Department of Justice – not only to combat illegal conduct when it occurs, but to help prevent the circumstances that give rise to it in the first place.”

The death of two police officers was used as a segue into the prosecution of six Baltimore police officers.

The other officer killed this week is Sgt. Greg Moore who was murdered in Idaho by a career criminal and thug, Jonathan Renfro.

On Friday, the day Officer Moore was buried, Lynch announced her plan to launch a civil rights investigation into the Democrat-controlled Baltimore police as if that wasn’t the plan all along.

The entire force is being investigated because of the actions of six officers who appear to have been overcharged.

Barack Obama did not send representatives to Officer Moore’s funeral. He did recognize the officer with a nod to reforming Baltimore police who operate – ironically – under Democratic rule.

“As many of you know, New York’s finest lost one of its own today. Officer Brian Moore, who was shot in the line of duty on Saturday night, passed away earlier today,” he said on Monday while visiting Lehman college.” “He came from a family of police officers,” Obama said, referring to Moore. “And the family of fellow officers he joined in the NYPD and across the country deserve our gratitude and our prayers not just today but every day. They’ve got a tough job.”

“Tough job”? What a platitudinous, begrudgingly understated remark.

He then proceeded to lament the problems of policing in poverty-stricken areas. He criticized neighborhoods where police officers were only expected to “contain” people in poor neighborhoods instead of encouraging them, simply because they were “different,” as if police were social workers.

“In too many places in this country, black boys and black men, Latino boys, Latino men, they experience being treated differently by law enforcement — in stops and in arrests, and in charges and incarcerations,” he said. “The statistics are clear, up and down the criminal justice system; there’s no dispute.”

He used the occasion to promote federalization of police. His use of statistics is questionable at best.

The next statement Obama made is true so why do we need a complete fundamental transformation except to give the federal government more power?