False Benghazi Narrative Exposed, Bizarre Finger Pointing, a Leaderless White House


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President Obama is spinning a false narrative around the Benghazi attack, one which includes an unbelievable tale about movie trailers causing the attack on the Libyan consulate.

Did you really ever believe the movie trailer led to the Benghazi attacks? I googled anti-Mohammad videos on YouTube to see if the trailer was unique. It was not. I found hundreds of anti-Mohammad videos within minutes and I didn’t try very hard. So, why this video? There is no reason. It could have been any video. It wasn’t about the video.

Using the trailer as an excuse works for terrorists who want to keep President Obama in office but still launch an attack. The attackers at several of the embassies, including the one in Cairo, chanted, “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama,” giving a clear indication of who they were really angry with.

Did spiking the football at the DNC Convention have NOTHING to do with the attacks? The death of Osama bin Laden was glorified 21 times during the convention.

Benghazi was particularly horrific and we lost four lives:

  • Benghazi was different from the other attacks in that there was absolutely no evidence of a protest.
  • There were at least 48 attacks in Benghazi prior to the attack in which our four Americans died and a total of more than 230 attacks in Libya overall.
  • Libyan employees quit their jobs at the consulate in the months before the attack and told the Ambassador and other U.S. officials that a big attack was coming.
  • Within days of the attack, the Libyan guards said an attack was coming.
  • The Ambassador feared for his life and put it in a journal that had to be found by a CNN reporter because the FBI wasn’t at the consulate until October 3rd.
  • Charlene Lamb of the State Department testified under oath that she had real time communication with the consulate during their five hours of hell.
  • It was 9/11.
  • Lt. Col. Andrew Wood and Eric Nordstrom, security officials, pleaded for more security and were given less security.
  • After Benghazi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama went on a blame the trailer tour and the director of the trailer, Nakoula Basseley Nikoula, has been jailed without remand on an old probation beef. Clinton and Obama even appeared in apology ads that played in Pakistan and which led to the government giving Pakistanis the day off to riot against the U.S.
  • Because of the lack of adequate security and an inadequate facility, high level intelligence documents went missing along with weapons and equipment belonging to the Brits.

There was no protest. This report is from October 9th but we all knew a lot sooner.

The State Department and White House had information in real time. Check out the timeline:

Susan Rice went on all the Sunday News shows after the Tuesday attack claiming that the video was responsible for the Benghazi attack.

On October 9th, the State Department said they never believed the Benghazi attack was because of the movie trailer. [Fox News Insider]

During his debate [October 11th], Joe Biden blamed the CIA for the misinformation about a protest outside the Benghazi consulate prior to the attack. He also said they didn’t know about the requests for security, which, frankly, wasn’t possible unless he is completely incompetent.

Video proof that Joe Biden’s claim was reckless and against all available knowledge at the time, knowledge revealed at the House hearings on Benghazi prior to the interview:

Security officials pleaded for more security, something known to Biden at the time of the debate

Former General Petraeus has been MIA – very disappointing. Pat Dollard reported that General Petraeus, on September 14th, actually testified to the faux protest story two days before Susan Rice came out on the Sunday shows. However, Mr. Clapper said they knew it was a terror attack from the beginning.

The White House is still claiming Benghazi might not be a preplanned terror attack by al-Qaida and up until two days before this report, Hillary Clinton said we still didn’t know what happened. [Hillary Clinton on Benghazi two days ago]

A video of the attack was still in the camera when the FBI finally did get to the attack site. The video showed possible al-Qaida operatives at the scene and it verified what we already knew – that there was no protest beforehand. It was a calm night with no sign of trouble. [Catherine Herridge reporting]

There was such a serious lack of security in the facility [which did not even meet minimum requirements for a consulate] that there was no time to destroy the sensitive documents and get to a safe house – the people at the consulate had five minutes support even though they are supposed to have support for 40 minutes. (Catherine Herridge)

Read the latest from Catherine Herridge on her RSS feed.

As reported early on, a former GITMO detainee probably led the charge (September 20th):

Stephanie Cutter blamed Romney-Ryan for the story becoming a big deal. Yes, it’s only four murders, what’s the big deal Stephanie! Why should a presidential candidate mention it?

I’d be remiss to not mention DNC Chair and administration apologist, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who said the GOP are un-American for mentioning it and who also told a CNN reporter that – false isn’t wrong.

She told the Washington Post on October 11th that it was “un-American,” quite frankly, for my Republican colleagues in Congress to be jumping on this immediately as a political opportunity. [A candidate for the presidency should ignore the Benghazi debacle in which four Americans died?]

Following is a clip from the Piers Morgan interview with Ms. W-Schultz on October 10th:

The White House and Joe Biden blamed the Republicans for budget cuts as the reason more security was refused despite the fact that Charlene Lamb testified under oath, at least twice, that money had nothing to do with it. [House Hearings with Charlene Lamb’s testimony]

It came out Monday, October 15th, that the State Department was sitting on over $2 billion.

Never mind that, in four years, Senator Reid hasn’t let one budget besides Obama’s come to the Senate floor, even though Obama’s budget failed to receive even one vote.

Jay Carney came out on Friday and said it was strictly the State Department’s fault. It’s not President Obama’s job. Obama is responsible for making certain that the rich pay their fair share. [Jay Carney throwing Hillary under the bus]

Hillary Clinton was not MIA Sunday, October 14th. She told reporters that her agency was NOT the source of the misinformation concerning the attacks. She said the White House was the source:

via Examiner

…Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that her agency was not the source of misinformation concerning the attacks, charging instead that the White House was the source of the false mantra that the murders were spurred by an anti-Muslim film made in the United States.

Clinton told reporters that when Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, made her rounds on every Sunday morning news show to claim the film motivated the attacks, the information had been fed to her by the White House and not the intelligence community in the State Department or the CIA.

Not only does Clinton’s statement contradict early White House accounts but directly contradicts statements made by Vice President Biden during the debate.

Biden claimed that the White House had only repeated the information provided by the intelligence community and that no one had been informed of the facts concerning the nature of the attacks and their connection to al Qaeda terrorism.

The claims of Biden are further debunked by the testimony of State Department officialsbefore Congress, who stated that the situation on the ground in Libya had been monitored in real time and that no protests against the film had been noted prior to the assassinations.

In addition, State Department officials state that U.S. ambassadors are appointed by and operate under the jurisdiction of the White House, not the State Department. For the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations to go on national television to claim that the attacks were motivated by Muslim outrage over a film is a direct indication that the White House itself is the source of the false mantra that the film led to the assassinations.

Ambassador Rice would not have the authority to speak for the administration in such a sensitive matter of national security except under the specific direction of the White House…read the full story at the Examiner.

This gives people an excellent idea of the muddled, leaderless administration that is running our foreign and domestic policies. We are in the hands of amateurs who get people killed and then lie about it.

In case you didn’t see the Pakistan apology ad about the faux movie trailer story, here it is [September 21st]:


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