Family Income of $117,000 in Socialist California Is “Low Income”


A report out this week from the Department of Housing and Urban Development finds the median price for a single-family home in the Bay Area is now $935,000. A family earning $117,000 now qualifies as “low income” in the region.

A dump of a house in California, complete with leaks in the roof, sold for $1.23 million. The buyer beat out six competing offers, all above the asking price.

This dump sold for one million dollars.
Via CBS News:

That norm is fueled by thousands of well-paid tech workers who have driven up the median price of a San Francisco house to $1.6 million dollars, the highest in the country. While housing prices are rising faster than incomes nationwide, nowhere is it more evident than in the Bay Area, where home values have soared a staggering 64 percent over the last five years.

That could explain how a 1,000-square-foot shell of a house in the heart of Silicon Valley sold for close to $1 million dollars. Also recently listed? A burned out home near Google and Apple.


It’s not only that. The policies of the left-wing government destroy the middle class so that California is now the land of the rich and poor. The policies drive out small business, saddle the residents with high taxes, and outrageous gas prices, all in the name of leftist ideology. The middle class can’t catch a break under socialist policies.

Teachers, hospital workers, police officers and working people can no longer live in the Bay Area — it’s only for the rich. That happened in Venezuela.

Socialism kills economic growth except for the rich who can afford the hits. Growth produces jobs, revenue and a better standard of living for everyone.

John F. Kennedy said, “A rising tide (in the economy) lifts all boats.” Socialism strangles economic growth by penalizing success and rewarding failure. Looting the successful to give to the less successful, reduces the number of successful.

You don’t have a voice to disagree. There is a politically correct speech code under socialists like the ones who run Cali. They will destroy you if you speak against them.

More and more freedom is being taken from the people in Cali and the leaders are creating strife and division. They win by pretending the freedom fighters are the ones causing chaos.

Socialists will always go with the tenet, the end justifies the means, thus ending the rule of law.

Socialism has destroyed the middle class in every country it has taken over.

Larry Kelley in his book, “Lessons from Fallen Civilizations,” observed that one of the most recurring features of failing civilizations is that a corrupt ruling class will inevitably impoverish and ultimately destroy its own middle class, in the case of the Romans, the small farmer and merchant.


Unfortunately, the USA will likely go Socialist or worse. Once Americans bought into big government and a cut to increases in expenditures as legitimate, they gave their freedom over to the clutching, fiendish arms of the nanny state. Once Americans chose freebies, they abandoned self-reliance, choice, and freedom. That doesn’t, however, mean we can’t remain hopeful and keep fighting.

Congressional Democrats recently released a new tax plan, one that would have gone through if Hillary had won. The plan would reverse almost every positive change made by Donald Trump, and they’ve made it clear that they’re more interested in new spending than paying down the debt.

They want all of the USA to become California.

The entitled protected class that is currently pouring across our borders will be kept as an underclass that votes for them. They will need constant funding from successful people. That destroys the middle class.

Heavy regulation kills economic growth and the middle class. California has endless regulations. They even want to imprison waiters who give out unrequested straws and penalize people who do their wash and take a bath on the same day.

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