Family of Horrific Torturer-Kidnapper Won’t Take Her In


The family of monster kidnapper Wanda Barzee won’t be taking her in when she’s released from prison on Wednesday. Barzee is the woman who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart 16 years ago and tortured her, keeping her as a sex slave for her husband, former street preacher Brian David Mitchell.

She pled guilty and was convicted on both state and federal crimes and was transferred to the Utah state prison in April 2016 after finishing a federal sentence in Texas.

The 72-year old Barzee has been in prison for fifteen years and was supposed to remain in prison for another five years. Somehow her prison sentence wasn’t calculated properly and she’s eligible for parole now.

Her family won’t take her in

“From what I know, no family can take her in or would take her in,” Barzee’s niece Tina Mace said.

Her own family knows she shouldn’t be free. Barzee’s sister wants no part of her.

She tortured her own children

Wanda Barzee’s own children told Oprah their mother was a “monster” who cooked their pet rabbit.

With a sly smile, she served her youngest daughter, 14 years at the time, her pet rabbit for dinner.

“I asked what’s for dinner and she said chicken,” LouRee Gayler told Oprah Winfrey on her show today. She remembered her mother Wanda Barzee and her second husband Brian David Mitchell just picking at their meals, “but she had a smile on her face the whole time,” Gayler said.

When Gayler went to feed her pet rabbit the next morning, she found the cage empty.

“What happened to Peaches?” she asked her mother, referring to the pet. “You had it for dinner last night,” she said her mother replied.

One son lived in the backyard and shot birds for dinner

Her older brother Derrick Thompson, who wrote a book about his childhood entitled “Raised By Wolves,” said he would escape the physical abuse and cold atmosphere in their home by staying in the large backyard, living there instead of in the house. He would use a pellet gun to shoot birds and cook them over a spit.

A sister identified only as Andrea remembered “brainwashing” sessions with her mother.

“We would be called up to her room, and she would sit there and drum into us, ‘If you weren’t a part of this family, then the family would be fine,’” Andrea said.

Elizabeth Smart warns that Wanda Barzee was extremely dangerous.

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