Family of Orphaned El Paso Baby Demolishes MSM’s Fake News About the President


The mainstream media and social media trashed the President for two days over a photo of him with a baby injured and orphaned in the El Paso shooting. The baby was discharged and brought back to the hospital for a photo-op with the President.

The mob went wild trashing the President but the family made them all look like fools.

The family decided to bring him back to meet the President, and the President had nothing to do with it. They are Republicans, as was his late brother and sister-in-law, and they wanted to meet the President and his wife Melania.

The Washington Post reported:

Tito Anchondo wishes people would stop politicizing his family’s tragedy.

Anchondo, who lost his beloved brother and sister-in-law in the rampage by an El Paso Walmart on Saturday, said he wanted to take his orphaned nephew to University Medical Center on Wednesday to meet the president and first lady. The 2-month-old suffered two broken fingers in the shooting but survived after his parents, Andre and Jordan Anchondo, shielded him from the gunfire and were slain themselves.

Tito Anchondo said he sought to meet the president to share his family’s grievous pain. “He was just there as a human being, consoling us and giving his condolences,” he said about Trump in an interview outside his family’s auto-body shop in south-central El Paso.

The media will say anything, conjure up any lie, and they have no conscience about it. They are smear merchants and gossip rags. They have perfected Joseph Goebbels style of propaganda.

The president “wasn’t there to be pushing any kind of political agenda,” Mr. Anchondo said, describing “a private conversation between human beings.”

He said he “definitely” felt consoled by the conversation.

The media pumped up this fake story and the Twitter sewer rats spread it around.


As far as no one wanting to meet Trump, that was untrue also. Again, the media spread it around and Twitter took over.

However, there was a price to be paid for wanting to meet with the President. This lady is getting death threats.

There were about 200 loons outside protesting the President and that’s all you saw all over the media.

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