Family of the mothers & children murdered by the cartel were targeted before


Adrián LeBaron, the father of the woman executed alongside eight relatives by the Mexican drug cartel said that two nephews were murdered and another kidnapped by drug lords ten years ago. He said the killers are stoking terror in their Mormon fundamentalist community.

His daughter and grandchildren were among the nine who were murdered in Sonora on Monday.

Adrián’s daughter Rhonita Maria LeBaron and four of her children, including her six-month-old twins, a 10-year-old daughter, and a 12-year-old son, were killed, Daily Mail reports.

One of the mothers, Christina Langford, who was killed saved her seven-month-old baby’s life by throwing the infant to the floor of their SUV, snd running outside the vehicle waving her arms to distract or show she was not a threat.*

Christina Langford

Another two mothers, Rhonita Maria LeBaron and Christina Langford Johnson, as well as Dawna’s sons, aged 11 and three, were also all killed.

Dawna Ray Langford

Two of Mr. LeBaron’s nephews, Benjamin LeBaron and Luis Widmar Stubbs, were killed and another, Eric LeBaron, was kidnapped in 2009 and released.

Benjamin LeBaron and Luis Stubbs
Eric LeBaron, eventually released


Adrián LeBaron said, “It is not an attack against our community, what we have here is a protest. They are making a statement and I do not know towards who. However, they killed my daughter with that purpose.”

“There is an incredible evil here. I do not know what you call this. If they are using us to make a statement. I do not know who it’s for. One cartel towards another.”

He called the attack of his daughter and grandchildren “premeditated.”

“There is no mistake here. Here they killed innocent people to teach fear,” he said.

He said their community will not give in.


The injured children were rescued after their sibling, 13 years of age, covered them in branches to hide them while he ran for help.

Child being airlifted to a hospital in Phoenix, AZ
Airlifted children

This is the family involved in the murders. This was taken in 2012.

*We originally reported Mrs. Langford shielded the baby with her body.

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