Family outraged that a clerk killed their robber brother who was waving a gun


“Yes, he’s robbin’ y’all. Oh well! Call the police!” the armed robbery suspect’s sister told WHIO.

Armed robber, 23-year old Roosevelt Rappley, barged into a Dollar General store in Ohio with a handgun and demanded that employees give him cash from the register.

According to witnesses, Rappley pointed the weapon at multiple employees during the holdup, Blue Lives Matter reported.

But when he pointed the gun at one unnamed store clerk, the clerk shot and killed him in self-defense. The clerk was carrying his gun legally.

The deceased robber had a pending robbery charge.

The criminal’s family is OUTRAGED!

Rappley’s sister declared that her brother had “some responsibility” for what occurred, “but not all,” WHIO reported.

“Right and wrong is wrong – that was wrong for that clerk to shoot my brother in the chest!” she yelled. “At the end of the day, that’s not right!”

“Yes, he’s robbin’ y’all. Oh well! Call the police!” she suggested. “That’s what y’all supposed to do. Y’all not supposed to take matters in y’all own hands. If that’s the case, I’m gonna take matters into my own hands!”

The criminals and their families appear to be getting dumber.




  1. I would had shot him also. Get a fucking job don’t rob and steal. How dump can you Be old he was robbing you. Bitch please get real..

  2. It’s a culture thing… due to genetics. And for the sack of society, that particular gene pool needs to be cleaned and flushed out entirely

  3. When someone points a weapon at you, you don’t know if that person is going to pull the trigger or not. Survival is your first instinct and you do what is needed to neutralize the threat. How many people did the clerk possibly save by taking the action he/she did?

  4. I have no pitee for the death of a criminal, who enter into a convenient store pointing a gun to the store owner and demanding he open the cash register. So…..he was shut!. That’s one criminal that would not harm anyone again, by being a human blood sucker.

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