Famous D.C. Gun Grabber Blames Chattanooga Terror Attack on Guns


Josh Sugarmann is a heartless gun grabber and he’s influential in the anti-gun movement. Without offering a real word of sympathy, Sugarmann politicized the horrific attack in Chattanooga that left four Marines dead and three wounded, one critically. Completely ignoring the fact that this is probably an international terrorist attack, he used the opportunity to blame guns for the assault.


The deadly shootings at two military sites Thursday by 24-year old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez is just an opportunity for this ideologue fixated on abolishing the Second Amendment!

Josh Sugarmann is the executive director and founder of the Violence Policy Center (VPC) and the author of two books on gun violence prevention. Prior to founding the VPC, Sugarmann was a press officer in the national office of Amnesty International USA and was the communications director for the National Coalition to Ban Handguns.

His statement below was posted on Times Free Press at about 5:30 where they have been posting live updates.

Violence Center

At a time when we have terrorists threatening us in the homeland, the gun grabbers want to deprive us of our right to defend ourselves.

Sugarmann is known for popularizing the term “assault weapon” and has been accused of putting out false data about guns and gun crimes. His end goal is to ban handguns.

He is an elitist racist who said that guns should be taken away from African-Americans. In the name of stopping “domestic violence”, he put out these false statistics:

“That’s why women tempted to buy a gun for their self-protection should know that guns aren’t the answer to domestic violence. In fact, several studies have found that having a gun in the home actually increases a woman’s chance of being murdered. For African Americans as well as other women, guns are used not to save lives but to take them.”

“We should not sit back and accept a society where black women face a higher chance of getting killed. Women should be aware of resources that are available to help them escape domestic violence situations. And we simply cannot wait any longer before we pass effective laws to stop our national epidemic of gun violence.”

If you will notice, this shooting in Chattanooga took place in a gun free zone and the soldiers were unarmed. I guess someone forgot to tell the shooter it was a gun free zone.chattanoogashooting2



  1. People like Josh Sugarman live in an alternate universe where by, in order to follow their ideologies, one must suspend ALL common sense. They will repeat like an annoying mantra over and over again, what you see you did not see; what you heard you did not hear; black is white, white is black.

    The ONLY empirical evidence which can AND SHOULD be acknowledged is this: criminals, terrorists, EVIL will always find a way to arm themselves. They will ALWAYS choose unarmed, vulnerable victims…they may be evil, they may even be crazy but they are certainly not stupid.

    The Colorado shooter passed by at least a dozen other theaters showing the Batman movie and headed to the only theater displaying the notice, “Gun Free Zone.” Had there been just one, able bodied armed passenger on that Long Island Railroad car all those years ago, chances are Carolyn McCarthy’s husband would be alive today, her son uninjured. And as she built her entire political career on attacking the 2nd Amendment, we would have been spared yet another rabid Liberal in Congress.

    It’s called, “shoot fish in a barrel,” for a reason…it’s EASY.

    Here’s a statistic Mr. Sugarman would want to blind you to: In 1982, the town of Kennesaw Georgia passed a town ordinance requiring every household, save for a few common sense exceptions, to own at least one gun. The result was a dramatic reduction of crime and, some 33 years later, Kennesaw continues to enjoy extremely low crime rates and, as a matter of fact, is listed as one of the top ten best family friendly places to live in America.

    The Obama regime’s constant, dogged attacks on our 2nd Amendment has brought with it one very encouraging “push back,” from citizens. It has “triggered” a renewed interest in many other American towns either considering or already bringing their own town mandates requiring, or at the very least strongly encouraging, gun ownership.

  2. Why when someone uses a gun to kill some do they blame the instrument not the user? When some one gets into a car after a long night partying and causes a fatality related to there negligence of DWI we don’t blame the car!!!!!! When someone pulls a knife and stabs someone we don’t blame the knife .Why in the world would any educated person then blame firearms for the stupidity of the person behind it . Hey DIPSHIT(Josh Sugarmann and anyone else coming for my firearms ) Guns don’t kill people people kill people. Make all the excuses you want but first place a fire arm on the table and yell at it to kill someone. It dosnt move unless you pick it up. wake up there trying to take a GOD GIVEN RIGHT. NOT GOVERNMENT GIVEN NOT BURECRATE GIVEN . WAKE UP AMERICA THESE PEOPLE ARE A CANCER AND NEED TO BE REMOVED.

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