Famous Irish Singer Sinead O’Connor Hates White People Now


Singer Sinead O’Connor, who has had her problems with mental illness, suicide threats, arguments with Popes, and failed relationships, but she has found herself in Islam. Her name now is “Shuhada Davitt”.

Shuhada now also hates white people. That isn’t in Islam, it’s her own interpretation. It is probably not what normal Muslims want to hear.

She’s now an anti-white racist. She doesn’t want to spend time with white people again. “Not for one moment, for any reason. They are disgusting.”

She knows she’s a racist, hates white people, and she’s telling people about it. What a fine example of Islam she is. Someone should tell her to shut the hay up.

Here she is whispering something. We are just putting this up to prove it’s her.


  1. She once was pretty and talented but now you begin to feel sorry for her that one of her suicide attempts didn’t work out for her.

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