Famous nobody says the word ‘communist’ is code for the ‘n’ word


We are not allowed to call communists what they are any longer or we will be accused of using the ‘n’ word. It’s another way to silence us since the fact is a lot of African-Americans have bought into Marxism.

Bree Newsom is a leftist ‘activist.’ She climbed a flag pole and ripped down the confederate flag in 2015. That one incident has made her a star. She has been rewarded with numerous interviews on TV and in print.

The climbing of the flagpole is her only accomplishment.

The word ‘communist’ will be banned for obvious reasons and it’s not because it’s code for ‘n’.

She had 5.8K likes on her tweet. That should alarm people of sensibilities.

She hates white people and when she rips into them, she describes what Democrats are actually doing to blacks.

In case you missed the one thing she has done with her life, here it is.

As Lindsey said, the squad [the leaders of the party] are communists.

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