Far-Far-left Cenk Uyger wants to legalize bestiality


This is disgusting and we’d rather not include the dialogue other than to say he thinks bestiality is okay with the consent of the animal.

Uyger is running for throupler Katie Hill’s congressional seat in California, in a conservative area.

He is basically a communist and he’s backed by Act Blue, a Soros-Brock organization.

If the residents vote for him, they can’t be called conservatives. This man is the spawn of hell.

The Young Turks founder in his early blogger days said women are genetically flawed because they don’t want to have sex often enough. He has a history of sexism and racism.





  1. This is the result of a state ruled by Socialists, Communists, Environmentalists, Pagan worship, Immoralists and Humanists.

    • Soviets have been making war on religion and morality in the West for 100 years. It finally paid off. Meanwhile, the Russians are raising a generation of nationalists, traditionalists, who make our children look like the fat, spoiled, pussies that they are.

  2. They’re called stereotypes for a reason.
    He’s a Turk, Communist, sexually excited by your pet and most likely children, a history of sexism and racism.
    Perfect for Congress, he’ll fit right in.

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