Far, Far Left Mayor Bill de Blasio Will Speak at the Pope’s Modern Slavery Conference


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New York City’s Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and left-wing mayors from Boston, Seattle, New Orleans, San Francisco, Portland, Ore, 59 other mayors and Governor Moonbeam Brown will go to Rome to attend the Pope’s conference on Modern Slavery and Climate Change: the Commitment of the Cities next week. It’s a workshop tying climate change to slavery. The pro-abortion, pro-population-control advocates like Jeffrey Sachs and U.N. General Secretary Ban Ki-moon will be fully involved.

You can’t make this stuff up.

I must ask, has slavery gone more out of control since the planet has grown warmer? Does it have nothing to do with the evil statists ruling countries who endorse slavery?

Only Democrats will represent the United States at the Vatican. Actually, there aren’t many Republican mayors. The reason our cities are a disaster is because of liberal policies.

Dissenting opinions are not welcomed at the Vatican in any case.

The sanctuary mayors are all going! They should call it the sanctuary summit!

De Blasio will discuss his leftist climate-change plan, called OneNYC, and the role the mayor says it will play in addressing income inequality. It’s a social justice, redistribution scheme for New York City.

It’s the second meeting with the Pope for the godless New York City mayor.

“Pope Francis has been one of the world’s most powerful voices on fighting income inequality, and Mayor de Blasio shares the pope’s belief that addressing climate change is essential to that fight—because it disproportionately affects the poor,” Monica Klein, a spokeswoman for Mr. de Blasio, said in a statement Wednesday.

“The mayor knows that environmental and economic sustainability must go hand in hand,” she said.

The Pope’s workshop will explore the connection between climate change and new forms of slavery. The official website of the workshop bemoans the “fact” that “global warming is one of the causes of poverty and forced migration, which are breeding grounds for human trafficking, forced labour, prostitution and organ trafficking.”

The U.N. is also heavily involved. They have their own workshop titled “Prosperity, People and Planet in the Cities.” They hope to galvanize support for the U.N.’s climate change programs.

Pope Francis has some interesting acquaintances.

Bring back Pope Benedict! There was no legitimate reason to replace him.

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  1. In a sane world I would look forward to an expose and condemnation of the Muslim enslavement of millions in today’s world, but we’ll probably get a fresh look at “capitalist wage slavery,” or some such nonsense.

    Pet slavery, anyone?

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