Far-Far-Left Takes a Next Step to Pack all the Courts – “1.20.21 Project”


The far-left under Barack Obama happily filled up the courts with leftist activists who legislate from the bench to push the country further left. Their plans were dashed when Trump came along. He picked two Supreme Court Justices and he’s filling judge positions at a quick pace.

Leftists have announced they won’t sit still for this.

Far-left law professors are pushing a new movement to pack the courts — all the courts — as soon as they regain power.

Far-left Harvard professors Mark Tushnet and Laurence Tribe are pushing for the so-called “1.20.21 Project,” which was launched by political science professor Aaron Belkin on Wednesday to counter “Republican obstruction, theft and procedural abuse” of the federal judiciary, reports Fox News.

Of course, they are the ones obstructing and abusing procedures, not Republicans. Republicans want originalists on the court who will abide by the rule of law and interpret the law, not legislate it. Democrats want to use the courts to get through those far-left agenda items they couldn’t get through following the law and letting people vote for it.

Tushnet definitively declared in a blog post in May 2016 that conservatives were the “losers in the culture wars.”

He wrote that liberal judges “no longer have to be worried about reversal by the Supreme Court” could be useful in marginalizing those Republican “losers,” whom he compared to the defeated Japanese in World War II or the Confederacy in the Civil War.

This is judicial tyranny but that is the left today.

Such action would completely delegitimize the courts and undermine our constitution. Democrats are no longer hiding their total disdain for the constitution and the American way. They’ve abandoned all pretense. The far-left Democrats understand taking over courts is a critical move to gain the ultimate power over us all.


  1. The fact that these ‘misanthrope’ progressive(?) democrats and their as ignorant supporters in the mainstream media are still around is a sad commentary on the IQ – idiot quotient – of a sizeable sector of the voting community…

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