Far-Left and UnAmerican NFL Fighting Among Themselves Over Their Marxist Agenda


Meetings between the NFL and its players over protests during the national anthem and promoting social justice seemed to have fallen apart due to infighting amongst the players.

ESPN’s Howard Bryant said the players divided during the negotiations about how to better promote social activism, with one side joining the Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins and the Players Coalition and the other basing itself around Colin Kaepernick and San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid.

Either way, they are supporting Marxist, anti-American causes. It’s leftists attacking each other.

According to Bryant, one NFL owner described it as an implosion.

“The players had real leverage,” the owner said. “But we knew we could sit back and watch them implode.”

It proved true. The NFL seemed to be at a disadvantage with player protests. With fan and some commercial backlash, the NFL wanted to end protests, and the players seemed to be at an advantage in bargaining what they wanted from the league.

Bryant explained that the negotiations seemed to fall apart in a he-said-she-said fashion, with players disagreeing over who should lead the movement and what they really wanted from the league.

The league is now solidly on the hard-left either way.

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