Far-Left AZ Dem Once Said It’s OK to Fight for the Taliban


Okay, Arizona, please don’t vote for Kyrsten Sinema. She’s far-left and makes no sense on any issue.

The GOP are bringing her old interviews to the fore and they are scary.

Sinema wants to be a Senator from Arizona as a far-left Democrat, but I repeat myself.


In 2003, she spoke with Ernest Hancock, a libertarian truther who presented ‘The Valley of the Sun” program on a local Arizona radio station. Hancock believed the 9/11/01 terror attacks were perpetrated by the U.S. government.

During the interview, Sinema, an anti-war activist, told the host that she didn’t object to individuals going abroad and fighting for groups hostile to the U.S.

“As an individual, if I want to go fight in the Taliban army, I go over there, and I’m fighting for the Taliban, I’m saying that’s a personal decision,” Hancock told Sinema, who was then a Green Party activist [communist].

“Fine. I don’t care if you go and do that, go ahead,” she replied, according to the audio recording obtained by Fox News.


She has been coming under fire for the story of her life. She said she lived in an abandoned gas station with no running water and no electricity.

The New York Times obtained court records detailing her parents’ payments for an electric, phone and gas bill while they were living in the abandoned gas station – contradicting some aspects of her story.

The records were part of her parents’ divorce case, in which Sinema’s mother and her stepfather revealed their monthly payments for utilities while living in the service station, which was owned by the stepfather’s parents.

“We are unable to provide adequately for the children,” the stepfather wrote to the court, adding that his “bills will exceed $2,000 and I will only bring in $1,500.”

The U.S. Senate hopeful couldn’t explain to the newspaper why her parents paid utility bills despite them not having electricity as she claimed. “Oh gosh, I don’t have an answer for that,” she said. “That’s not something a little kid would hear about from her parents.”

She also declined to directly answer whether she exaggerated details about her upbringing. “I’ve shared what I remember from my childhood. I know what I lived through,” she told the newspaper.

The problem is she repeats that story fairly often and she also claims she’s very honest, too honest in fact.

We recently posted a story about her mocking half the state as “crazy”. She now says she only meant Republican lawmakers were crazy. Who knows. She’s still far-left, no matter who or what she meant.


AZ’s Senatorial Candidate Detests Half the Voters & Her “Meth Lab” State

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