Far-Left California Mandates Unconstitutional Law of Women on Boards


California will mandate the number of women companies have to hire. This is not how a free society operates but California is not free.

They have become the first state to require publicly traded companies to include women on their boards of directors. It’s only the beginning of the control they will assert over corporations.

The law requires at least one female director on the board of each California-based public corporation by the end of next year. Companies would need up to three female directors by the end of 2021, depending on the number of board seats, the Ap reports.

It ignores qualifications and talent. Affirmative action by gender is unconstitutional.

The AP writes:

The Democratic governor referenced the objections and legal concerns that the law has raised. The California Chamber of Commerce has said the policy will be difficult for companies to implement and violates constitutional prohibitions against discrimination.

“I don’t minimize the potential flaws that indeed may prove fatal to its ultimate implementation,” Brown wrote in a signing statement. “Nevertheless, recent events in Washington, D.C. — and beyond — make it crystal clear that many are not getting the message.”

That’s great, he knows it’s unconstitutional but he’ll do it anyway because this is what he and his comrades want.

The AP also wrote:

The California Chamber of Commerce argued that the composition of corporate boards should be determined internally, not mandated by government. The chamber said the new law will prioritize gender over other aspects of diversity, such as race and ethnicity.

“It creates a challenge for a board on achieving broader diversity goals,” said Jennifer Barrera, senior vice president for policy at the chamber.

Now corporations have to have affirmative action for race, ethnicity, and gender. It’s absurd. They should be allowed to hire the most qualified. Government should not be involved in telling companies who they have to hire.

This entire effort centers around a concept of disparate impact — a Marxist concept. Welcome to the beginnings of communism.



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H. Munster
H. Munster
5 years ago

This is draconian at best, at worst it is the beginning of the extermination of heterosexuality and men. Before long, babies will be killed because they are not part of the elitist class. Oh wait, thats been happening for 50 years.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

The evil building blocks of Marxism are underway, hardcore identity politics, no more excellence or quality, only selected by the Omnipotent State. It is all over for a constitutional republic.