Far-Left Candidate Beto O’Rourke Raises $38 Million & He’s Still Losing


Beto O’Rourke has a ridiculous sum of money to play with and with which to trash his opponent, the incumbent Senator Ted Cruz. Despite that, he is still losing by about five to nine points in his run for Texas senator.

O’Rourke is very far-left but won’t admit he’s a socialist.

O’Rourke’s $38.1 million came from 802,836 individual contributions made to his campaign between July and September. They’re probably all members of radical groups like MoveOn or their celebrities. Just a guess.

Ted Cruz only has $12 million.

O’Rourke’s a phony who uses the nickname ‘Beto’ to pander to the Hispanic population.


At the same time, dark money from the far-left is pouring into at least 11 states.

FreeBeacon reported that a dark money nonprofit is teaming up with a project launched earlier this year financed by political billionaire activists Tom Steyer and George Soros. Their goal is to have their furthest left candidates win political offices to boost far-left Democratic causes.

The State Engagement Fund, a 501(c)(4) based in Washington, D.C., does not have to disclose its donors. From late August through September, State Engagement Fund made four donations worth $2.1 million to State Victory Action, the Beacon reports.

State Victory Action, meanwhile, is a 527 organization formed this year. Previous disclosures showed nearly all of that group’s $11 million in seed funding had come from billionaire political activists Tom Steyer and George Soros.

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