Far-Left Candidate Tells City Liberals to Vote from Summer Homes in the Suburbs


A very far-left candidate is running for the U.S. Congress on Long Island for the express purpose of turning a huge chunk of Long Island into New York City light, a city that is being ruined by a Communist mayor. New York City’s inching up to a million homeless and New York state, in general, has one of the largest populations of very needy foreigners here illegally.

Suffolk County’s 1st congressional is a large district helping to keep New York from going completely socialist and that’s where Perry Gershon decided to run, despite being a wealthy Manhattanite.

Gershon is also telling well-to-do liberal/leftist Manhattanites with summer homes in the 1st congressional to register from their summer home. Their votes aren’t needed in Manhattan, it’s solidly far-left.

These same people vote to send our money to Manhattan to pay for their schools, their illegal residents, to subsidize their taxes and so on.

Perry’s on video telling the Manhattanites to do it. At Stony Brook University in early October, he said:

“People who own second homes out in the Hamptons, in the North Fork, or in Bellport. Those are the large centers in this community where there are second homeowners,” Gershon said. “They are moving their voter registration to their second home because if they live in Manhattan, your vote doesn’t matter there. It’s all Democratic. The Democrat wins by 60 or 70 percent. If you want your vote to count, go vote where it’s close.”

He couldn’t care less that these people don’t live here and will never have to suffer the consequences of their votes. His goal isn’t to help Suffolk Country.

Perry Gershon also attended the Greenport Maritime Festival in September, which included a tent for people who wanted to change their registration to reflect their address outside the city. The tent displayed signs that said “Vote where it counts! New Yorkers, you have the right to vote from your second home” as well as a sign offering free wine for New Yorkers who changed their voter registration information.

Gershon is very wealthy and helped buy the primary slot with a million dollars of his own money.

Every two years, far-left liberals from New York and California target the Congressman, Lee Zeldin, a Republican.

This year, the carpetbagging cheater is trying to steal the seat.

Park Avenue Perry decided to register at his summer home in the Hamptons so he could run for Congress. He’s not very civic-minded and hasn’t bothered to cast a ballot in 12 general elections.

He lies. Recently, he falsely claimed he doesn’t have any investments in offshore drilling.

Perry is far-left on every issue from the environment to guns to abortion and he wants to give free healthcare, housing, and so on to people here illegally. He believes in open borders. His overriding goal is to steal the wealth from the suburbs and send it to Manhattan.


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Judyann J, RN
Judyann J, RN
5 years ago

Suffolk County, one of the few down-state Republican/Conservative strong holds is, and will continue to be, a big target of the Left.

Why do you think Obama sent the country’s 3rd largest contingent of DACA kids here?

We must KEEP fighting these people. BTW, it has long been known NYC residents with 2nd homes out East notoriously vote in BOTH districts. Another voter fraud initiative gone unaddressed.
Dems have about a DOZEN voter fraud initiatives they routinely incorporate into their campaign strategies.

Albert Moore
Albert Moore
5 years ago

I always render communist with a lower-case “c”, as they’re anti-capitalist.

Ben Kenobi
Ben Kenobi
5 years ago
Reply to  Albert Moore

Nor, do they deserve the respect of a capital ‘c’.