Far-Left Dem Rep. Conspires on Air with MSNBC Against Bill Barr


Rep. Raskin is crazy

MRC Newsbusters was the first to report that MSNBC openly strategized on air with a far-left Democrat. They discussed how they would discredit Attorney General Bill Barr.

Angry Democrat U.S. Representative, Jamie Raskin (MD), took part in a four-person panel discussion with MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian. They discussed Bill Barr as if he was their enemy because he said he planned to probe the origins of the Russian-Trump investigation.

Rep. Raskin told the MSNBC host that “What we have is an administration that is now engulfed in lawlessness and corruption,” saying that Democrats in Congress needs to “check them.” He presented no proof for his slander, but no one at MSNBC will question it.

He then said the AG should be on “our side,” claiming he’s gone over to the other side.

Of course, the Attorney General is supposed to be on the side of the American people and the rule of law.

Raskin is very angry Barr didn’t show up for their kangaroo court Thursday after they laid out unacceptable terms. They insisted on staffers interviewing Barr while they sat back with clean hands.

Barr responded to their decision by saying that if staff members wanted to question him in a congressional hearing, they should run for a seat in Congress.

A frustrated Rep. Raskin boldly, and without any evidence, claimed Barr’s behavior is “constitutionally intolerable,” saying “Congress can’t put up with it.” This is a congressperson who doesn’t even like the rule of law.

Raskin explained, “We have to make clear to the public and to the whole system of government that the attorney general is acting outside of the law.”

The MSNBC host then demonstrated which side she was on:

“You’re bringing up a really good point here. Because one of them, I think, directives here, and the big question here is—do we pursue the Attorney General until he provides testimony for the House? Or, do we pursue the unredacted Mueller report along with testimony from Bob Mueller? Is that where we put our energy?”

Who are WE? It’s MSNBC and the Democrats.



On Friday, co-hosts of CBS This Morning on Friday eagerly plotted strategy with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar. They also helpfully ignored the reports that the Senator is an abusive boss who treats people terribly, MRC Newsbusters reported.

Highlighting Robert Mueller, co-host Anthony Mason huddled with the Democrat on how the party can work around Republicans: “Is there anything the Senate Democrats can do to get him in?” 

And this is why we hate the media.


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Jeanna Green
Jeanna Green
4 years ago

Hmmm another Politician making a deal with their lapdog media to harm another. Sounds like CNN and Hillary during the 2016 Election debate between her and Sanders. Was bad when they did it against their own to win the nominee, but to do this against an outstanding gentleman, who is doing nothing then doing his job, makes me sick. This Politician should himself be under investigation for trying to set up a AG. Does not shock me that the corrupt MSNBC would do this just like I was not surprised when CNN did it. None know what it is to have morals, integrity, dignity, or even self respect. Just keep showing us their disturbing desire to interference with Govt.