Far-left mob is marching around DC right now chanting about burning it down


A far-left mob is marching around D.C. this evening, chanting, “if we don’t get it, burn it down.” This follows people like anchor Nicole Wallace suggesting on MSNBC that droning so-called ‘domestic terrorists’ — Trump supporters — is a good idea.

The U.S. media has been relentless in hyping the January 6th riot, exploiting it, true to their motto of never letting a crisis go to waste.

And, yet, here we are, with far-left Antifa terrorists calling for burning down D.C. if they don’t get their far-left agenda.


Tacome Antifa has pledged solidarity with Portland Antifa and they plan to attack the same ICE facility they have tried to burn down.

Antifa did their best to disturb the diners.

The police had to form a line between the diners and the mob to protect the diners.

Murders and violent crime skyrocket as Democrats, so horrified by the 190 people now charged in the D.C. riots, ignore the violence and riots by far-left terrorists.



  1. Wow. How is all that incitement possible without President Trump? Maybe he wasn’t inciting them to overthrow the government to begin with. I’m sure that thought will never occur to the Leftists though.

    • Are the righteous, peace-loving tech giants taking these tweets and Antifa accounts down? This seems to fit the standard of inciting violence. Just wondering if the Twit censorship policy applies to violent, leftie lunatics.

  2. Who wants to bet, even if they kill thousands and burn down half the city, it will still be reported as a peaceful protest? Giving 100 to 1 odds! No bets? Darn

  3. ANTIFA and BLM delivered and now they want the ChiCom agnets they placed in power to give them part of the loot. They will soon discover Bidet and his army of greedy and drunk ChiCom agents don’t share.

  4. Antifa and blm will be considered legitimate public targets in the coming days of this CW. Think of it like Tombstone when Kurt Russell said about red sashes.

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