Far-Left radicals THREATEN CEOs who dare hire Trump staffers


The radical ad

According to Bloomberg, an open letter signed by 41 [radical leftist] groups was sent to the CEOs of all Fortune 500 companies on Saturday.

The group’s letter titled, An Open Letter to America’s CEOs, and full-page New York Times ad in Sunday’s issue claims that “Children were torn away from their parents and placed in cages.”

That is a lie, but it works. It’s a great sound bite. No children were ever kept in cages and the separations were under the law and came when parents were arrested. As reasonable as the action taken was, the far-left has been able to effectively use it demonize the agenda of having borders.

The letter singles out 30 current and former officials, including John Kelly, former White House chief of staff; former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen; Kevin McAleenan new acting DHS Chief; Stephen Miller, the President’s senior advisor [this poor man’s family attacks him as well]; Thomas Homan, the outspoken former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Ron Vitello whose nomination was just withdrawn; Jeff Sessions the former AG, Trump; spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and many others.

Sarah Isgur Flores, the former Spokesperson for the DOJ, is on the list. She was hired by CNN and was immediately demoted when the far-left mob came after them.


The letter is a threat. They are using very unAmerican, Stalinist tactics to destroy anyone who works for the administration. They are warning “corporate America that bringing these people on, allowing them to seek refuge in their offices or at their boardroom tables is simply not going to fly with the American people,” according to leftist Karl Frisch, a spokesman for Restore Public Trust, a far-left public-interest group tied to the Democrat Party.

Then came the most ominous threat from the mob:

Frisch said companies should expect a public outcry if they hire officials who played a role in family separations. That’s how they got Ms. Flores demoted in her new job.

Companies “need to think twice about what that will mean for their brand to be associating with somebody who is responsible for one of the most horrific policies this administration put forward and that speaks volumes,” Frisch said. “Do they want to be famous for this?”

This means that the left will destroy anyone who worked for the President. It also means that anyone who wants to work for a Republican and supports this agenda will be devastated in their careers and reputation by a mob. This is unAmerican and it’s literally a Stalinist or Maoist tactic.

It’s hateful. The hate is coming from the far-left and their lies.

The groups that signed on and threatened the CEOs are all far-left to very far-left revolutionaries:

Restore Public Trust
America’s Voice
National Immigration Law Center
Center for Popular Democracy
Southern Poverty Law Center
American Bridge
Allied Progress
Bridges Faith Initiative
NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice Equity Forward
Faith in Public Life
Jobs with Justice
Main Street Alliance
People’s Action
Workers Defense Project
CASA In Action
California Reinvestment Coalition
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights – CHIRLA
Florida Immigrant Coalition
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada
Make the Road New York
North Carolina Justice Center
Raleigh Immigration
InterReligious Task Force on Central America and Colombia Ohio Immigrant Alliance
Transformations CDC
South Carolina Appleseed Legal Justice Center
American Gateways
Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee
Fuerza Del Valle
La Union del Pueblo Entero (LUPE)
Mexican American Legislative Caucus
Proyecto Azteca
Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network
Texas Civil Rights Project
Workers Defense Project
Youth Rise Texas

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