Far-Left Rep. Khanna Says Change Laws to Make a Trump Guilty in the Future


According to far-far-left Rep. Ro Khanna, the laws might need to change so President Trump could have been convicted of a crime. He says Trump is guilty [despite the Mueller report saying there was NO evidence] and Russia interference was aimed at getting Trump elected. He says Trump is guilty because he was cavalier.

The primary goal is to make sure this Russia interference doesn’t happen again, he said. Russia was rooting for President Trump to win. Trump was cavalier and if his actions didn’t rise to the level of a crime, then maybe the laws have to change so it does in the future.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur asked Khanna if having Mueller testify before Congress was to find a reason to impeach Trump.

“No, the primary goal should be to make sure that this Russian interference never happens again, and everybody knows that Russia was really rooting for President Trump to win,” Khanna said.

Tur then asked Khanna if they were trying to push the obstruction charge.

“Well, no that’s the primary goal. The secondary goal is to make sure that we have separation of powers and that we never in this country have a president who is cavalier about the institutions of justice and interfering with the FBI or other institutions,” Khanna said.

“Even if it doesn’t rise, Katie, to the level of an impeachable offense or a crime. I am convinced there was misconduct, that it got very close to the line, that it was inappropriate,” Khanna said. “And maybe Congress needs to strengthen the laws, if this doesn’t rise to the level of a crime, so that no future president does this.”

In other words, make a non-crime a crime based on Khanna’s feelings. This is what they do in socialist and communist regimes. And, for the record, there is no definitive proof, Russia wanted Trump to win. Putin said he didn’t care who won since all our candidates were awful.

I actually believe that.

In case you haven’t guessed, his pals are people like AOC and Ilhan Omar.



  1. I might even watch football again if the rules were changed and the goalposts kept moving.
    Could you imagine playing Monopoly with these Bolshevik RATS, bwahahah!

  2. Any reasonable and informed person knows that the collusion between Trump & Russia was nonexistent, and the collusion between Hillary and the Russian was huge (uranium, technology, …).

  3. The only evidence that there was a Russian hacking of the DNC comes from CrowdStrike (a company owned by a Russian) and was paid for by Perkins Coie with DNC money.

    This took place during the Obama administration. Now who was cavalier?

    • This LYING, PIECE OF GARBAGE, A MUSLIM WHO INTENDS TO ANYWAY HE CAN TO DESTROY THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE RUN OUT OF TOWN ON THE BACK OF A RAZORBACK HOG. He has no idea what he is talking about and for those about which he actually did understand he is a bald faced liar. We are getting very very tired of this garbage and I hope that he will be at the front of the next ANTIFA group at the next riot so he can be in the sites of the M-60 Machine gun which will be guarded by some Well trained National Guardsman. Do you hear it, you piece of crap? “jess keep taling widyer nasty lies”……

  4. The Deep State’s conspiracy to destroy Trump is in it’s death throes, and it’s puppets are in agony because their nefarious, treasonous, and criminal acts are about to be exposed and punished. They are the colluders, not Trump. They can rant and rave all they want, but nothing will save them. Nothing. Trump 2020!

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