Far-Left Rep. Will Keep Calling the AR-15 an Assault Rifle Knowing It’s a lie


No one is allowed to correct the far-left, even when they lie about the facts. The left doesn’t care about all the system failures at Stoneman or the fact that Barack Obama did nothing that would stop school shootings. They also don’t want to be told they can’t lie.

Far-left Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., was confronted for his use of the term “assault rifle”. He keeps calling the AR-15 an assault rifle.

A number of people explained that it’s a regular semi-automatic rifle. It seemed to infuriate him.

“How quaint that some folks are more concerned about kids speaking respectfully than the fact that 17 kids were slaughtered with an assault rifle,” he said in a tweet.

He tweeted that he will call it that even though it’s not.

Let’s Talk About Peter Wang Instead

The left is also not talking about Peter Wang. That is the sorry state of affairs we see ourselves in today.

The sad story of a courageous American is what really deserves our time.

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