Far-Left TX Candidate Beto Wants Open Borders, More Imported Democrats


Incumbent U.S. Senator Ted Cruz will have a challenger from far-left El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke, who has already raised $6.7 million from his energized far-left supporters.

Cruz warned supporters in San Antonio: “There are a lot of folks on the far left who are energized, angry and hate the president and who are going to show up in big numbers.”

Texas definitely doesn’t need comrade Beto who recently agreed that Ted Cruz was a “giant asshole’.

In an interview published Saturday, Beto told The New York Times’ Frank Bruni that he regrets agreeing with Bill Maher’s characterization of Cruz as a “giant asshole” during an interview with the “Real Time” host last month.

“I think I was just moving the conversation along,” O”Rourke told Bruni of the exchange. “Anyhow, I don’t think that Ted Cruz is an asshole.”

When Bruni asked, “You don’t?”

O’Rourke responded, “I certainly don’t think that publicly.”

Good to know! He has a public face that is the opposite of his non-public one.

No Border, No Walls, Just imported Democrats

During an interview with far-left David Gregory, far-left O’Rourke said he does not support a border wall. His conjured up reason is that property owners on the border don’t want their property taken.

Let’s see, if ranchers on the border have to give up several feet of property to stop the criminal illegals and the hordes of humanity trespassing on their property, would they prefer the hordes and the criminal trespassers?

O’Rourke’s a jerk and since when do Democrats care about private property?

Beto continued: “We do not need walls. Those walls would be built on the private land of our fellow Texans here, on ranches, on farms, on homesteads. We’ll have to use eminent domain to build a wall miles into the interior of the United States at a time that we don’t need it.”

Many ranchers have already said they would welcome it. The situation now is dangerous.

O’Rourke then quoted from his imaginary experts: “…every single expert who has looked at this issue says that it will not do what it is intended to do.”

Of course it will work. That’s why the spending bill is handing out money to build walls in the Middle East.

Democrat Talking Points Are Tiresome

O’Rourke fell back on the Democrat talking points: “We need to fix our immigration system and make sure that those laws reflect our values, our interest, and look like Texas.”

The only thing wrong with our immigration laws is the lack of enforcement Beto. If one more far-left loser tells me what our values are, I’ll SCREAM! What does he want Texas to look like? Apparently, he wants a Texas with replacement people who are here illegally with fraudulent IDs. Is that who we are? Are those our values now?

The globalist minion wants to let any unvetted illegal come into this country.  “We don’t need walls, we don’t need to militarize the border.”

Beto wants to move “forward with our basic fundamental strengths and success, which is premised in large part upon those who want to come to this country, contribute to our success, make us a stronger, safer and yes, more secure country.”

We will be far more secure, in other words, without secure borders and with hordes of foreigners to take our place – foreigners who don’t even respect our laws much less the values that made this country great.

We all know some of the illegals are good people who simply want a better life. There is a process they can follow to get here and do so legally. That is what they should do instead of coming illegally, collecting our benefits and stealing IDs in so many cases.

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