Far-left Wants to Go Nuclear And Pack the Supreme Court


The hard-left, now in control of the Democrat Party, is serious about packing the Supreme Court with leftists. This is what the left has always wanted — total, dictatorial rule. Once Democrats are back in power, they might well go for it.

The right-wing puts justices on the court who will strictly follow the rule of law. The left puts activist justices on the court who will push through their agenda and legislate from the bench. They want the power of the Supreme Court for decades to come.

Under Barack Obama, legislation also came from the White House under the guise of rules, executive orders, and memorandums.

It was a complete breakdown of law and order, a tearing apart of the Constitution. The next time Democrats come to power, it will be far worse.

There is a call now from the left to plan for packing the courts. They will force Republicans to go along, perhaps offering them something they want in exchange.

The Jacobin Magazine, the Think Progress Justice editor Ian Millhiser, and The Outline are all becoming more vocal about the case for court packing as is Vox and others.

Vox lauds the David Faris plan. He is a political scientist at Roosevelt University, whose book It’s Time To Fight Dirty argues for court-packing as part of a larger set of strategies to amplify Democrats’ political power, including statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, breaking California into multiple states, and expanding the House of Representatives, Vox reports.

Faris sees it as a necessity to protect the Progressive agenda. He also sees it as warranted by the behavior of Republicans. The far-left is great at rationalizing.

Vox reports:

To many leftists and left-liberals, such drastic action is needed if any progressive legislation in the future is to survive. The concerns in question have less to do with hot-button social issues like abortion and LGBT rights and more to do with the constitutionality of economic regulation and redistributive programs.

Just this past Wednesday, the Supreme Court effectively gutted public sector unions under the guise of the First Amendment. In 2012, there were four votes on the Supreme Court (including Anthony Kennedy) for striking down the Affordable Care Act in full.

And there’s an emerging movement of judicial conservatives, championed prominently by Donald Trump’s appellate appointee Don Willett, which wants the courts to become much more aggressive in blocking economic regulation.

This is the leftist American Dream — regulations, taxes, overpaid and demanding unions, Communist healthcare, identity politics, redistribution. Political opponents will be silenced and neutralized.

Packing the courts isn’t a new idea. The leftist idol, FDR, attempted to pack the courts.

In 1937, Franklin Roosevelt talked about packing the Supreme Court with leftists like himself to get his Progressive agenda through without limitations. His plan included six new justices for a 9-6 majority for his New Deal. It failed the Senate but he was able to force Justice Owen Roberts to align with the liberals instead of the conservatives. Decisions regarding the minimum wage laws and National Labor Relations Act went through because of this arrangement, according to Vox.

These leftists are very dangerous and our liberties are only one administration away.

  • From “Patterns of Anarchy”–‘The State drives towards complete control of society.’ ‘Individual liberty and local initiative will be diminished as the State domination of society increases.’

  • This is a very ambitious plan for people who are losing right and left. They plan to break California into several states, against the will of the people of California, who have a very different plan for breaking up the state. They could end up in a huge war (of some kind) over this. People in Northern California have worked for years to break away from the crazy liberals. The eastern part of the state now wants to break away, too. They are planning to break the state apart in such a way as to tie each part to them (to the Left). This will never fly. #WalkAway

  • My favorite is as soon as Kennedy retired it was time to go to 11 or more justices to water down conservative power. It is amazing when the right starts to get the advantage, the rules must change. Do we honestly think if Hillary were President, they would call for 11 justices? Of course not. They would pack the court with Sotomayor type justices. Now they also want right leaning justices to recuse themselves on any issue that might involve the President because the fix is in. The fix? Really. What is going on with Mueller, Strouk, Page, Comey, McCabe etc. The fix is in? Stop.

    Here is my take. In a perfect world there would be differences but people could negotiate. That time has come and gone. Now it is about being the hammer or the nail. For too long conservatives have been the nail, especially under Obama. IRS scandal, spying on our Presidential candidate, Obama packing the courts with left wing judges just to name a few. Now we are the hammer. To give up that advantage would just be dumb. Assuming RBG leaves in the next few years, I would select another right leaning judge, maybe more so than Kavanaugh. We are playing by the rules they lay down. Get rid of the filibuster, ok, now you can’t block our nominees assuming the right stays in line. You want to pass everything by executive order. Ok, our guy will eliminate them. At the end of the day, the left didn’t play the long game. Their justices assumed a Hillary win and that they could leave when they felt like it. They should have retired during Obama’s term. RBG is 85. They better hope she can hold out 2 and possibly 6 more years. She is 85. Breyer is 79. It could get ugly very fast.

  • Think these leftists would freak out if Trump came out and proposed to add 6 seats to the court, effective immediately? Thousands of heads would explode across the fruited plane. I wish he would just for the entertainment value.