Fascist Michael Moore Wants the FBI to Control the Speech of a Political Opponent


Fascist Michael Moore told leftist Chris Hayes that Trump is going to blow up the system, that would be the system Moore continually rails against.

He called Trump an “anarchist”, a “creature” and so on, but then said he wants the FBI to suppress his First Amendment rights.

“The Republican candidate has said that if he… loses the vote, he’s essentially called for inciting riots, which I think is still against the law,” Moore said. “I think the FBI director should be paying him a visit, asking him, ‘What are you actually intending on November 9th should you use?’”

Trump isn’t calling for riots. He said there could be and that was last year. What is worse is Moore wants the FBI to control our speech. Even Hayes thought that he might have gone too far and said Trump didn’t call for riots and the FBI shouldn’t be involved.

Moore would rather we vote for a woman he called “bought”, a “liar” and “of poisoning the American public during a debate”.

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