Fascist Much? NBA Legend Caught at a Trump Rally Must Be Destroyed


In the United States, we are no longer allowed to have a differing opinion and still hold a job. That is according to the fascist anti-Trump Democrats.

NBA legend and Turner Sports analyst Kevin McHale is being beaten up on social media for possibly attending a Trump rally. The fascists are demanding he never work in the NBA again.

Via Fox:

Sports radio host Henry Lake wrote, “If Kevin McHale actually showed up to Trump’s rally in Duluth today with everything that is happening now and what Trump’s done and stands for, yeah he’s canceled.”

A different Kevin McHale, an actor who appeared in “Glee,” tweeted, ‘If you’re looking for a different Kevin McHale to support, one who most definitely would never attend a Trump rally or align himself with racists, etc., I’m still here.”

Writer Nathaniel Friedman tweeted that McHale “is extremely stupid for attending a public Trump event” and that he should “never work in the NBA again.”

“Kevin McHale just became the other side of Colin Kaepernick. Hard to see him ever coaching again in the NBA,” one writer added while another said, “Happy draft day to everyone but Kevin McHale”

Liberal blog Deadspin published an article headlined, “Celtics great Kevin McHale enjoys old feeling of being in an arena full of screaming bigots.”

Filmmaker Adam Best wrote, “Slap a scarlet letter on Kevin McHale and anybody else still supporting Trump after three years of this BS.”

The former NBA champion has not confirmed he was at the rally and Turner has declined comment.

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herbert richmond
herbert richmond
3 years ago

I have stopped watching the NBA because of their anti-freedom stand. Freedom only exists if you approve of progressive liberalism.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
3 years ago

Adam Best, Nathaniel Friedman, Henry Lake, …get the hell out of this country and go to a country where you actually can control free speech you communist teets. No one real American will put up with “people” like you three turds who believe that this country will allow only one political opinion. So keep talking and keep walking till you cross the border or fall off the cliff.
In the meantime, my brothers who have fought for the freedom to speak and act, LOCK AND LOAD AND FIX BAYONETS BECAUSE THESE FREAKS AND THOSE LIKE THEM ARE COMING OVER THE HILL WITH THEIR AR-15s which have been supplied to them by Osama Obama and his “Consigliere” Eric Holder.
What these lefties are planning and REALLY going to do is frightening unless you have studied the “Marine Platoon in the Defense” Semper fi you idiots. P.S. all truckers be on the lookout for Peter Fondlehimself coming down the freeway on his red, white, & blue tricycle.

3 years ago

The facts of the matter is that the democrats and their supporters are actual fascists as documented time and again. After all one does not have permission to wander off the plantation. Projections after all is what the democrats do on a daily basis. Accuse others of what you are doing.