Fascist NFL Won’t Let Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Talk About the Anthem


It’s going to be another lousy football season!

Last Wednesday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the team’s players will be required to stand on the sidelines for the National Anthem. He made the comments after the NFL backed down from their new policy on the Anthem and resumed negotiations with the players’ union.

“Our policy is you stand during the Anthem, toe on the line,” Jones said during the press conference.

The majority of Americans welcomed his comments and his respect for the country’s flag and Anthem.

According to the Star Telegram, the NFL has told him he can’t talk about the issue. Jones was prepared to do a number of interviews with local media members Sunday evening in Oxnard, Calif., where the team holds its training camp, when he and a member of the Cowboys public relations staff told media that questions about the National Anthem issue were off limits.

Since when can’t an employer define an employees’ behavior?

The fascist NFL wants to cater to anti-American social justice warriors who pretend disrespecting our flag is a protest against police brutality. It’s worth noting that at the rate police officers are being murdered, it seems the brutality against them needs to stop.

Apparently the NFL wants to lower their ratings.

The NFL is dragging this issue out to their own detriment.

Jones is also condemned for maintaining his relationship with the Papa John’s founder. The left destroyed him and they are not done yet. What is happening to Papa John is a travesty.

The left would like to destroy Jones also. There are photos and videos on social media denigrating him over his personal life. They have nothing to do with this issue.

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