Fascists at Evergreen College Demand Professor Be Fired for Teaching While White


A Progressive professor Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington is being assailed by his students for not participating in a lengthy no-whites protest. They want him to resign or be fired for his stand.

A mob of about fifty kids ended up in his class and demanded he be fired because they think he’s a racist for teaching students as a white professor.

Someone called the police but the protesters blocked them from entering. They did get in to check on him. The students then went to the president’s office and demanded concessions. One concession was a meeting, crazier than the one on this first video.

The president of the college George Bridges is answering the rioters demands and they will commit violence if he doesn’t respond. He has told campus police to stand down.

The president is barricaded in with the students.

The reason the mob wants Weinstein fired is because the professor said people shouldn’t be kept from speaking for the color of their skin. The mob is calling that racist.

The president is agreeing to employ students to examine the school’s code of conduct, give students more say in faculty evaluations, and require mandatory training of faculty on student engagement, anti-black racism, sexual assault, police brutality, and collaboration with transgender and queer students.

He told the students that the college police department would not work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to track illegal alien students. When another student questioned Weinstein’s university employment, Bridges refused to comment.

Evergreen is a hotbed of leftist extremism and a college mill.

Professor Weinstein is teaching off campus for his safety and that of his students. It’s the very Progressivism he espouses that is at the core of the problem.

  • What can you say about the system which is broken beyond repair, when grown up brats who were never held accountable when they were lil’ brats are allowed to roam free without any diapers pooping on the streets and wherever they have “the need”
    I understand that they have demanded a meeting with the Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, demanding that all recruits at Paris Island be tucked into their beds, (racks), at night by their Drill Instructors,
    (D.I.s) and receive a kiss on their cheeks and a “Nighty Night lil’ fellow, or lil’ princess.

    “Tell me it ain’t so, Joe, puleeze tell me it ain’t so……………………………………………….

  • The simple solution is for 25 veterans of all races and nationalities register for this Professor’s class and when these “stud libtards” flock to interfere, oh well, ‘Proffessor, would you excuse us for about 5 minutes so we can clear out the obstruction? Take 5, Professor, we’ll handle this little problem, but one guy will have to stay out to guide the ambulances and paddy wagons into the pile of soon to be garbage.
    Thanks, Professor
    Oh? Not to worry, professor we’ll just tell the medics and cops that they just got their first spanking and orders to go “sit’, (or in this case lie down) in the corner.

  • I’m a black woman in my late 20s. When I look at these protestors, I see more spoiled privilege than I see in any of the middle class white people with whom I work. I see a college president with the backbone of a noodle. And I see why an incompetent like Trump just won the election. We have to choose between spoiled petulance on the left and indignant reaction on the right.

    • Let’s get this clear:

      Trump won the election because the alternative was the Butcher of Libya that voted for the Authorization to Use Force in Iraq and was accepting bribes through a fraudulent charity, who didn’t even win the primary of her own party.

      The Democrats ran the wost possible person for the position, over 50 years.

      • Black woman, in your late 20s, you had me cheering for you and your wisdom at such a young age, until you made the statement about Pres. Trump. You are either a troll or just plain stupid, go join the mob at Evergreen………….

  • Thank you; What the spoiled petulants on the left don’t realize is that we on the right have no color filter, we just have values.
    The sad thing is that these spoiled petulants don’t realize that they are being talked out of their future by left wing agitators.
    The sad thing also is that folks don’t care what color the Pres is as long as he supports and promotes values.
    However, Trump is not incompetent, he knows that you can spend only what you earn and that if you hustle and make a dollar, you can spend a dollar. Obama, (whom I sadly supported for re-election) has never made an honest dollar in his life. This is not denigrating him for racial basis, I would say the same thing if he were white, as Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein made their fortunes through manipulation of government
    to feed themselves and those around them.
    Joe Biden and Steny Hoyer never hustled,or worked hard to make a dollar, they are vultures on the back of the working man and woman. Just because they are white, doesn’t mean they are not worthless and corrupt.


    These are the fascist “anti-fascists” [“AntiFa”] — about whom George Orwell warned posterity.

    As well, ISIS has declared solidarity and common cause with Black Lies Matter — so can their alliance with the fake AntiFas be far behind?

    There are reasons good and plenty to “hate” the “AntiFa” fascist thugs who operate on behalf of the militant, deranged Democrat party in the USA — and any other left-wing political party — anywhere else on the planet.

    It is a great fiction — it is a lie — that fascism is somehow “right-wing,” when the two principal advocates of fascism — Adolf Hitler [who called his version of it “Nazism” and “National Socialism”] and Benito Mussolini — both began their political careers as committed Marxist communists.

    As the stench of millions of dead Russians began to waft across Europe from the USSR — the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics — Hitler and Mussolini felt constrained to adopt some political camouflage — a distinction without a difference — and thus hatched and promoted their alternative dictatorships.

  • Why is the president giving into any concessions? These students obviously know nothing and do not even know what racism is. They should be expelled and escorted off campus immediately without refund. Anyone else that follows through with the threats will suffer the same fate. Stand behind your faculty and teach your students that everyone has the right to speak their mind. Mr.President of Evergreen, you have mishandled the situation and deserve to be dismissed.

  • I unfortunately attended this college more than 20 years ago. I grew up the daughter of a single working mom, and a minority: Jewish. I had spent high school in a boarding school to make things easier for my mother who had recently remarried. I was mob run out of school within three months of attendance. I was Jew bashed so badly, it affected the rest of my life so negatively, because for me, university was my only real beacon of hope. I was literally homeless after being run out. I was made to feel as a “war criminal” and terrible person for actions of a government across the seas ( Israel) and held accountable for beliefs I do not even hold. I had applied to this college from boarding school, because I loved Ecology and sustainable agriculture. Evergreen was known to have one of the best organic farming programs. I wasn’t even allowed to participate. It makes me feel so sad that a college that has so much good stuff in terms of life sciences has so much bad stuff in terms of their liberal arts program. I wish that the State of Washington would stop funding the school until they straighten it out. I wish they would pay for my college degree elsewhere to this day because I have no education because of their conduct, I had to leave the country to get help from the condition of being homeless, female and Jewish. Both students and faculty are extremely messed up at Evergreen. I feel sorry for this teacher. People should also not be forced to be “left wing” or “right wing” to attend college. Most people that young cannot really make sense of the world yet. In my case , I began to hate myself and suffered from manic depression. Students need to study real things, political beliefs and social beliefs pertaining to race shouldn’t be at the forefront of education for people between the ages of 18-22 who are studying. They need math, science and things like that. Kids need extreme “left wing” and extreme “right wing” rhetoric out of their lives on campus.

    • It’s too bad you didn’t have a boyfriend who was attending on a visa a former Israeli special forces guy to have a little talk with the thugs, and also an orator and organizer who muster help when needed

      No one wants violence but when the guys drop the bomb on our folks what do you do?????

  • Here’s a constructive suggestion. How about all the preening, left wing, white, anti-racist students who have bullied there way around campus be “disciplined” by being made to serve as tutors in some of the toughest minority communities throughout the coming summer?
    After all, given their “commitment” to the “cause” this should be something these pukes want to do anyway. Besides, the tough neighborhoods shouldn’t scare them. We can all see how courageous they are when there’s a bunch of them and a lonely little prof or a cowardly college prez.

  • Honestly, I feel sorry for both the students more than the faculty?

    Where do these kids get the idea that they are in the moral right here? I don’t think it would take much work to track down an agitator, which is bound to be a single professor.

  • Yep, then arrest him for the many state laws and federal Statutes he has violated and then bounce him back and forth between the fed courthouse and the state courthouse, and the fire him and run him out, then you can start suing him and the organizations he represents, Do not lighten up, press on till you absolutely destroy them, that is the only choice they have given us.