Huge Pension System Bullies Sellers Into Not Selling Certain Guns, Accessories


The California State Teachers’ Retirement System will use its financial and political power to target board members and companies that don’t conform to their stringent gun control standards. CBS News has the report.

This is an attack on the 2nd Amendment. It goes well beyond “sensible gun control”. They are treading on a slippery slope.

This pension fund is one of the largest in the nation and if they win this, we will see much more of it. These fascist tactics are being used to control everything we do. Once one Amendment falls, they all will. We have already seen it used against the First Amendment.

The system officials are demanding that gun sellers stop selling military-style assault weapons and accessories.

What is a miliary-style assault weapon? According to the LA Times, it is “any semiautomatic, centerfire rifle or semiautomatic pistol that lacks a fixed ammunition magazine and has any of a number of parts that include a telescoping stock.”

California also bans sales of magazines holding more than 10 bullets and assault rifles that can rapidly be reloaded.

In other words, you can’t sell a semi-automatic with more than ten bullets and it can’t look scary.

CBS News says the $222.5 billion California State Teachers’ Retirement System will try to unseat board members at companies that resist and could dump their stock if they don’t do as they say.

The group is using students to lead the protests barraging companies. Many of the protesters are from far-left groups and many are foreigners.  The media won’t report this.

If Congress and other states won’t act to prevent schools “from becoming killing fields, then let’s take the battle to where the money is,” said state Treasurer John Chiang, a Democrat who led the push. Unsurprisingly, he is running for governor.

Firearms Policy Coalition spokesman Craig DeLuz said: “Lawmakers are moving beyond unconstitutionally regulating guns and toward using the force of government to bully and coerce the market. This isn’t a slippery slope. It’s a cliff that hostile government actors are forcing people and businesses to walk off.”


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