Fast Food Workers in Chicago Strike for 100% Raise


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The unions want their hourly wage earners at fast food restaurants to be paid double their salary. They want a 100% raise for their unskilled labor.

Most fast food workers are not the main wage earners and even if they were, burger flipper at McDonald’s is not supposed to be a career path.

They want to make at least $15 an hour for burger flipping. They say they can’t support their families. If that is the case, why don’t they get a skill that brings in more money?

There is already a bill to raise the minimum wage in Illinois to $10.60 an hour.

The unions staged a walkout in Chicago’s Loop on Wednesday to protest the minimum wage. They walked off their jobs at McDonald’s, Macy’s, Subway, Victoria’s Secret and others.

This is the typical socialist ploy for equal pay for everyone regardless of skills or expertise – social justice and redistribution.

Currently, people receive income from federal income tax if their salary falls below a certain level. It’s called the earned income tax credit. People who receive it haven’t earned it, they get the money as an entitlement for making low salaries.

The earned income tax credit works better than increasing the minimum wage which these companies can’t afford.

The more generous Americans are, the more people feel entitled. Currently, the bottom 50% pays only 2% of the federal taxes. That is the Democratic idea of fair taxation.

Were the unions to get their way, people wouldn’t go to fast food restaurants. No one is going to pay much more than they do now for a mediocre burger.

The fact that these people are this empowered is a problem.

Unions have already proven their willingness to destroy any business that doesn’t comply, Hostess being a recent case in point.

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