Father of Fake News Brian Williams Took Over Syria Reporting from Maddow, Angers MSNBC Viewers



Brian Williams interrupted the Rachel Maddow show to report on the Syrian attack which brought high levels of consternation to her fans. Some are saying it is sexist and they don’t need him coming in to mansplain.

Many got onto social media to complain, saying she would have done a better job.

Williams said that the President’s remarks sounded like “a radio broadcast from Berlin” because of the audio quality. It didn’t sound like that to most of us.

He also discussed the Devin Nunes case but forgot to mention Susan Rice. Williams mistakenly said Nunes resigned from the House Intelligence Committee [Nunes only temporarily stepped aside as Chair of the committee since leftist groups have demanded an ethics review on him]. Fake news!

NBC is trying to bring Williams back to his former glory — before his history as a fabulist became widely known. It doesn’t seem to be working for people on social media.

It’s odd that with all the talk of fake news NBC/MSNBC would put the father of it on the air at key times.

Williams is fake news.

Brian Williams once claimed the helicopter he was aboard was forced down after being hit by an RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) during the Iraq invasion in 2003. But military personnel who were there at the time claim Williams was not in the Chinook helicopter that received shrapnel damage from the RPG. Brian Williams then admitted his “mistake” in a lengthy Facebook post, blaming the “fog of memory over 12 years.”

There were a number of allegations going around claiming Williams has a history of embellishing his experiences, including saving puppies from a fire, seeing dead bodies float down a river during Hurricane Katrina, and Katyusha rockets whistling past his helicopter while he reported from Israel in 2006.

Maureen Dowd wrote THAT NBC execs were warned a year before he was kicked off the air that Brian Williams was “constantly inflating his biography.” Interestingly, some so-called “insiders” allege Williams had been lying for years, and NBC knew all about it. If true, why did NBC choose to do nothing about it? And why is he back now?

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