Faux Republican George Demos Is Hoping to Lie and Buy His Way into Office



George Demos the invisible candidate for congress in Long Island’s CD-1, received only $5400 of his $2 million dollar plus war chest from Long Islanders. Most of his money comes from far-left Democrats. Demos, known as a Pelosi-Republican because of his close ties to Nancy Pelosi, continually brags about his experience at the SEC where he ratted out a whistleblower and then quietly resigned. That’s his claim to fame!

He is not a Long Islander and has temporarily rented an apartment in a middle class suburb as he does every two years when he comes in to run for the same position as a spoiler. He won’t debate his opponent in the primary Lee Zeldin and has no visible office on Long Island. In fact, no one knows where he is.  He is a one issue campaigner. He continually lies and says Lee Zeldin voted for ObamaCare, which he of course didn’t. That’s his issue! That’s it!

Demos stands for nothing except to lie about his opponent in the Republican primary. He plans to win the primary by lying and buying his way into office.

Why would anyone vote for him in the Republican primary? I’m just asking. He won’t win the primary but he is attempting to weaken Lee Zeldin so the far-left Democrat, Tim Bishop can win.

Check out the latest on Demos’ campaign funds and where they come from. It’s unbelievable really.


3% of George Demos’s $2.2m comes from New York Donors. Lee Zeldin got 82% of $730k from NY.
Credit Charles Lane



New York’s federal primaries are two months away. Republican candidates vying to take on Long Island Congressman Tim Bishop are busy raising and spending money. WSHU’s Charles Lane has a breakdown on where the money is coming from, and how it’s being spent.

Click this link to listen to Charles Lane.

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