Elizabeth Warren Didn’t Endorse Hillary, Missed the Fundraiser, Not Hard-Left Enough


Elisabeth Warren wants us to be like Chinese commies

Progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren, who misrepresented herself throughout her career as a Cherokee Indian for  career advancement, has her values to uphold. She hasn’t endorsed Hillary and missed Hillary’s big fundraiser of female senators.

Thirteen of the fourteen female Democrat senators showed up and some are now worried this will hurt Hillary as she tries to unite the Bernie Democrats and energize the party.

Warren is said to be beloved in the Democrat Party. In the Republican Party, not so much. She is hard left.

At the Netroots Nation convention in July, Warren delivered a direct challenge to Hillary Clinton and all Democratic presidential campaigns to support legislation that would end the “revolving door” between top government positions and corporate America.

“Anyone who wants to be president should appoint only people who have already demonstrated they are independent,” Warren said to the progressive convention-goers, “who have already demonstrated that they can hold giant banks accountable, who have already demonstrated that they embrace the kind of ambitious economic policies that we need to rebuild opportunity and a strong middle class in this country.”

Warren wants stringent government control of banks.

That didn’t come to pass. Hillary is getting big dollars from cronies and so is her foundation. They are still collecting monies from foreign countries that abuse women.

Warren said that it matters who interprets the laws, who enforces those laws.  She then mentioned three far, far-left Democrats as if their being in positions of power would be a good thing. “Think of it this way: How would the world be different today if, when the economic crisis hit, Joe Stiglitz had been secretary of the Treasury and Simon Johnson and Robert Reich had been key economic advisers?”

Stiglitz ran teach-ins at the Occupy Wall Street circus and is very close to George Soros. He has insisted on far more government control of the economy (because they do it so well??). Stiglitz won a Nobel for research for more government control of the economy.

His ideology – The Third Way – was first bandied about by Russian communist Michail Gorbechev. Discover the Networks criticized the theory: “In short, Big Business would own the economy (as under capitalism), while Big Government would run it (as under socialism). Corporations would be persuaded to comply with government directives through subsidies, tax breaks, customized legislation, and other special privileges.”

Stiglitz is in support of global governance to handle climate change.

He sits on the board of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, or INET, an organization literally seeking to reorganize the entire global economic system.

George Soros is INET’s founding sponsor, with the billionaire having provided a reported $25 million over five years to support INET activities.

Progressive MIT economist Simon Johnson wants very strong centralized banking and taxation authority for the government as if they haven’t done enough. He also loves to keep spending and not cutting White House budgets.

Robert Reich, left-wing economics and social Professor at Brandeis, has already served in the Labor Department under Bill Clinton and in other government positions. He’s a strict “social justice” and “social policy” activist.

The blame for inequality in incomes goes to American free-market capitalism, he insists. He wants free-market capitalism eradicated. There is nothing liberal about him, he wants government to control the economy.

In 1997, his first year as a member of the Brandeis faculty, Reich gave a talk applauding Michael Moore’s propagandistic documentary, Roger and Me, which portrayed General Motors as the bane of the working class; the theme clearly resonated with Reich, who has long railed against corporations as the enemies of “economic justice,” Discover the Networks reported.

Reich wants universal healthcare, hates Republicans, loves welfare, and is now hard left in every aspect of his ideology.

Reich has proposed a way “for taxpayers to subsidize occupations with more social merit”: “Forgive the student debts of graduates who choose social work, child care, elder care, nursing, and teaching” as their careers.

The hard left will decide which occupations have merit and use our money to subsidize them. We see how price controls fail, he wants salary controls. He wants to control the salaries of CEOs and reduce them because they don’t have merit to him.

Warren once said we should be more like the Chinese communists who do such a good job on infrastructure.

“If you’re ready for me, I’m ready for you,” Clinton said. Apparently Warren isn’t. Is anyone ready for either one of them?

About that Cherokee ancestry. Warren stole their ancestry.

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