FBI admits to altering Flynn’s interview notes after all


Mueller’s probe was over for months, General Flynn had not been sentenced, and then along came Sidney Powell who took the case on. She demanded the documentation used to convict the General — all of it. The entire case rests on the FBI agents’interview notes in which they said he didn’t lie and then said they did. There were changes to the notes and she wants them. They denied there were alterations to the notes but now realize there were.


The government now admits there were “alterations” made to Flynn’s interview notes. They switched the names on two sets of notes, one by Peter Strzok and the other by agent Joe Pientka. It’s just an “error” and they’re “sorry” for the “confusion.”

The FBI agents interviewed [entrapped] Flynn in early January 2017 about his conversations with a Russian ambassador. Those conversations, by the way, were legal.

“We were informed that the notes we had identified as Peter Strzok’s, were actually the other agent’s notes…and what we had identified as the other agent’s notes were, in fact, Strzok’s notes,” said U.S. Attorney Jessie K Liu said in a statement. “We understand this has caused some confusion and we regret our error.”

She’s right! There’s “some confusion.” What does this mean in terms of alterations, exactly? Did Strzok change Pientka’s notes?


As a result of this admission, Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, wants the FBI to find all of the interview notes and determine what changes were made and by whom.

“The entire case against Mr. Flynn depends on what the agents said that he said in the interview that they didn’t warn him about” or take “any verbatim recordings,” Powell told Fox News Tuesday.

“So, their entire case depends on what these two agents said,” she added. “Now, 18 months later, they’re realizing that they got the names of the two agents crossed?

“It’s appalling,” said Powell, a former federal prosecutor, and noted Justice Dept. whistleblower. “What else have they gotten wrong?”

This appears to be a serious case of malfeasance or it was a deliberate frame-up. What do you think?

Previous reports say that neither agent thought the General was lying.


“We can’t trust anything [the FBI] says,” Powell continued, adding that is why she is asking a federal court to order the bureau to search all of their databases and produce all documents related to her client’s case.

Powell said that the original 302 documenting Flynn’s first interview “is still missing.”

“The only way it could be missing is if it was affirmatively destroyed, and there would be evidence of that,” she said. “So they have a lot of explaining to do.”

The government said there were only grammatical and stylistic errors that were corrected, but Attorney Powell explains why the changes were actually substantive in the clip below.


Towards the end of this clip, Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing explain that we will hear about the leak of the Flynn-Kislyak call in the Horowitz report. That leak is a felony that carries a 20-year prison sentence.

In this next clip from October 30th, Ms. Powell explains her filing asking the judge to dismiss the case.

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