FBI Agent Who Launched Petraeus Investigation & the Strange Cast of Characters – Update


Frederick Humphries II

Update: 11/15/12: The lawyer for Mr. Humphries said today that  his client has been completely mischaracterized. The shirtless picture was a joke and it was sent a long time ago. He said he is going to work each day and was never told of any investigation. He did sic the FBI on Mrs. Broadwell and General Petraeus and he did send the picture so this is not a complete mischaracterization.

This is my last post on this subplot. It is a distraction from the real issue and it is only meaningful if they are betraying the United States, which would include lying when giving testimony because they had this hanging over their heads.

Original Story:
The next hit TV series – General’s Wives and Mistresses – what do you think? I think it’s a winner for next season.

The FBI agent, who pursued the harassment case on behalf of Jill Kelley against Petraeus’ mistress, is Frederick Humphries II. He is described by his colleagues as relentless but his behavior hints at obsessive-compulsive, especially when it comes to Jill Kelley, who is an unpaid social liaison for military personnel, especially generals [whatever that is,  a groupie?].

Read more at the New York Times

Jill Kelley and her husband, a sought-after cancer surgeon, have serious money problems. They owe millions.

Miss Khawam, Jill Kelley’s sister and partner in some is some of her sister’s enterprises, is also in debt for million of dollars and both sisters, who are Lebanese, have numerous lawsuits against them, mostly for not paying bills. Read at the NY Daily News.

Both General Allen and General Petraeus vouched for Mrs. Kelly’s sister, Natalie Khawam, in her custody battle for her son.

This is her recent 9/11 call where she invents a title for herself as honorary consul with diplomatic status [odd, very odd]:

This case is pretty strange with strange actors but this subplot is taking away from the real story – the tragedy at Benghazi.


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