FBI Agents Warned of Huma’s-Hillary’s Serious Security Breaches


If elected, Hillary Clinton will continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood which is the grandfather of almost all Islamic terrorist groups including al-Qaida and its spawn ISIS and whose only mission is worldwide sharia. They are the PR arm of the terrorist organizations.

There is no doubt, Huma Abedin, whose parents and siblings abide by sharia, will be in charge of high-level security on many levels even though two FBI agents viewed her with some skepticism.


Bill Clinton gave a speech at the home of Mehul and Hema Sanghani, October 2015, touting Hillary’s “working relationship” with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi according to Breitbart quoting Wikileaks. WJC also gave her credit for the awful Iran deal, lifting the sanctions as if that were a good thing, and the START treaty, another bad deal.

The comments about the Brotherhood take on special significance in light of new information.

And when the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt, Bill Clinton said, in spite of the fact that we were (inaudible), she developed a working relationship with the then-president and went there and brokered a ceasefire to stop a full-scale shooting war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, which on top of what was going on in Syria and the (inaudible) Jordan would have been a calamity for the world.

Morsi of course was the extremist wannabe dictator who was destroying Egypt before the military stepped in and removed him as millions of Egyptians poured into the streets demanding it. The Muslim Brotherhood’s defining purpose according to their charter is implementation of sharia which cannot co-exist with our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

A nine-page document, once-labeled “Secret,” exposed Clinton’s naiveté in believing this was a step towards democracy (not a Republic, but a socialist democracy) and she offered secret and outward technical expertise and assistance to Morsi. A fund was set up for that purpose.

What makes Islam so dangerous is the political component – sharia. When people speak of freedom of religion, they must understand that the political and social way of life is interwoven inextricably into the religion. Morsi attempted to replace Egypt’s government with a sharia government.

That brings us to today.


During the interviews with the FBI over Hillary’s personal server which violated all security regulations, agents guarding Hillary Clinton expressed concerns about Huma Abedin whose family are radical Muslim Brotherhood intent on sharia as a way of life, though we don’t know to what degree. [Sharia is an oppressive, totalitarian way of life but is modified by some Islamic sects.]

Abedin is believed to have overridden security protocols when she and Mrs. Clinton traveled to the mid-East and she changed procedures for handling classified information.

The witness, and FBI agent, whose name is redacted by the FBI, said that “Abedin herself was often responsible for overriding security and diplomatic protocols on behalf of Clinton.”

Clinton snubbed US ambassadors in country after country to ride with Abedin. On one trip to the West Bank, the driver was forced to violate security protocol and open the window so Hillary could be seen waving to Palestinians in “occupied territory”.

On page 43 of the FBI interview notes released last month, an FBI agent said Clinton frequently and “blatantly” disregarded Sate Department security and diplomatic protocols. Clinton’s breaches were well-known and “abundant” he said. He also explained that Abedin possessed “much more power” over Clinton’s staff and schedule than other former chiefs of staff…believed that Abedin herself was often responsible for overriding security and diplomatic protocols on behalf of Clinton.

This included a trip to Jakarta (p.44) in which Clinton demanded windows be pulled down in the van they were driving in so she could have a photo-op in a dangerous and unsecured area lined with terrorists. Incidents like this were relayed to State and they were often he said.

One guard assigned to Clinton’s Chappaqua home told the FBI interviewers that new security procedures for handling delivery of the diplomatic pouch and receiving via fax the highly classified Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) had been “established by Abedin.” Abedin also controlled the operations of a secure room known as a SCIF located on the third floor of the residence.

While given Top Secret security clearance in 2009 when Abedin became Clinton’s deputy chief of staff for operations, we have no idea what the vetting process entailed and she herself cannot remember anything including training.

If she continues in this high-level role should Hillary win the presidency, the Senate will not have to confirm her but she will have the power to run White House operations including personnel security and visitor access. She will continue to have control over how intelligence documents are handled.

We know Abedin lies and that she lied to the federal agents who interviewed her concerning Hillary’s basement email server. In her April 2016 interview with the FBI, Abedin contended that she “did not know that Clinton had a private server until about a year and a half ago, when it became public knowledge.” However, her email was huma@clintonemail.com and she was the only State employee who was hosted on Hillary’s server (read p.71-on).

In addition, she exchanged emails with the IT person about the personal server but conveniently couldn’t remember when questioned by the FBI.


Abedin routinely emailed from that address and she may have kept emails Clinton didn’t according to a Clinton aide. In other words, she kept classified documents at home. One recently released Wikileaks email indicated that the missing 33,000 emails may still exist.

No one is pursuing these leads and Abedin’s laptop and Yahoo accounts were not searched.



Making matters worse, Huma Abedin obediently granted access to Hillary Clinton based on the person’s ties to CGI.

A Dec. 4, 2012 email obtained by Citizens United and shared exclusively with The Daily Caller provides an example. Abedin didn’t grant access for four people until she checked with Doug Band at CGI to find out if they were “legit”.

prior release of a treasure trove of emails secured by Judicial Watch showed she was the broker between access and donations to CGI in the pay-to-play scheme. There aren’t smoking guns we are told, but there sure are a lot of spent cartridges laying around these two and if it were George Bush, the left would need far less evidence.

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Huma Abedin’s Dad Believed in Protecting Sharia at All Costs

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