FBI Agent’s Wife Got $1 Million From Clinton Friends, Gave It Back to Clinton-Tied Vendor



Clinton’s friends are tied inextricably to the money given to the state senatorial campaign of FBI agent McCabe’s wife, Dr. Jill McCabe.

FBI agent Andrew McCabe was appointed to oversee the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails several months after his wife’s failed run for the state senate. He was promoted at that time to deputy director of the FBI. He was the next in line for the promotion at the time his wife ran for office.

A Wall Street Journal report noted that Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe saw to it that Dr. McCabe got $467,500 from one fund and about a quarter million dollars from another State Democrat Party fund that he controlled.

The shady governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe is currently under FBI investigation and has a long history of questionable fundraising. He has been deeply involved in the Clintons campaigns for decades.

A reddit sleuth found donations beyond the original $700,000 reported by the Wall Street Journal which are connected to Clinton-tied allies. They actually gave a combined $1,000,000 to Jill McCabe.

Common Good is Terry McAuliffe’s Superpac and they donated $467,500 and the Democrat Party of Virginia is the fund controlled by McAuliffe – they contributed $207,788. Planned Parenthood, a slush fund for the Democrats, donated $168,675, Frederick Schufeld, a Clinton Foundation donor gave $65,332, and Sonja S. Smith, a Hillary and Obama fundraiser gave another $45,000, according to VPAP.

The donations from Hillary friends for this no-name candidate came to one million dollars.

The money then went back to Shorr Johnson Magnus, another Hillary friendly company, in the form of media buys.

This is important because Shorr Johnson Magnus only works with Superpacs and large Federal elections, not small state elections. They are the media consultants for Priorities USA which as we know works closely with Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons are tied to one million dollars given to the wife of the agent who later oversaw the Clinton email investigation and then it all went back to Clinton friends.

Shorr Johnson Magnus, who would get a cut of the media buys, are strong Hillary Clinton supporters and they are closely tied to the Priorities USA Superpac. They are one of the vendors.

The FBI agent’s wife got a million dollars for her campaign when she has no political expertise whatsoever – she’s a pediatrician. Gov. McAuliffe said he supported her and directed $700,000 of the money to her because he thought she would make a good state senator. Why did he think that? Based on what?

Why was $1 million dollars put into this woman’s campaign when her only claim to fame is her husband’s future position?

Judge Napolitano said agents are furious about the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton and they are leaking the information about McCabe. The appearance of impropriety is embarrassing when the #2 man in the FBI has a wife who received money from Hillary Clinton friends. She then used a Clinton vendor for expensive media buys.

If you are unfamiliar with the original story, you can read about it on the link below.

Team Clinton Paid $700,000 Possibly to Influence FBI Investigation Against Hillary

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clovis kinser
clovis kinser
6 years ago

I thank the people need to come together and protect at the Wash DC unit this people are arested and out of office.