FBI Confirms Jihad Training Camps in United States [VIDEOS]


The people in the Islamberg compound claim it is not true. Read more here.

The FBI confirms that there are jihad training camps within the United States, according to the Clarion Project. The Project has been able to obtain FBI documents supporting the existence of American Jihadi camps they have reported about for years.

Clarion reports:

Newly-released FBI documents obtained by Clarion Project confirm Clarion’s reports that Jamaat ul-Fuqra is training members in isolated communes across America and Canada.

The group’s “Islamberg” headquarters in upstate New York is its most well-known “Islamic village.”

The group responsible, Fuqra, aka Muslims of America, has cult-like qualities. It is led by Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani in Pakistan. He was tied to the 2002 beheading of reporter Danny. Pearl.

The November 27 2009 FBI document states:

“Jamaat ul-Fuqra, aka Muslims of the Americas (MOA), have a history of violence and/or violent acts. Use extreme caution when dealing with confirmed members or individuals who are believed to be associated with this group”

The FBI wrote they thought Gilani is supportive of al-Qaeda.

A new document from December 2010 refers to “the Muslims of the Americas [aka Fuqra] terrorist organization” and states:

“The MOA [Fuqra] is composed primarily of black American Muslim converts, many who converted to Islam while in prison. Many MOA members reside in rural communities (jamaats) to live and worship free from non-Muslim influence.

The MOA jamaats are located on land that has been privately owned or rented by members. Each jamaat usually has numerous trailers where members reside, a mosque, and a guard post, some with armed guards, at the entrance to the properties. These communities, similar to commune type facilities, have women and children residing in them with the children being homeschooled.

Organized training is also conducted to include weapons training, tactics, hand-to-hand combat, rappelling, and live-fire exercises.”

The documents can be viewed at declassified reports  on FuqraFiles.com.


The Sentinel reported in 2014 about Islamberg and received threats of lawsuits from the usual extreme Islamist groups.

Watch this report from 2014:

Watch this report about Muslims of America:

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