FBI Director Warns: ISIS Is Coming


ISIS and terrorism have been ignored during the Democrat debates despite the fact that James Comey said today that at some point there will be an ISIS diaspora out of Syria.

It will come, Comey said.

This is the day after a Catholic priest was beheaded by ISIS in Normandy in his own church while saying mass. The French had arrested him as a terrorist and let him go home to his mommy with an ankle bracelet. The Democrats last night didn’t even mention him.

The Pope’s response was basically that ISIS needs resources and he says that because he is of the same mind as our administration.

Hillary’s womanizing husband said in his speech last night that she tackled ISIS on social media. Perhaps she can tweet them to death.

Hillary herself has bragged about her interagency center to combat violent terrorist messages recently. Meanwhile it was a failed program.

The State Department determined that it was unsuccessful, should not be continued, because it is not considered a trusted origination of a message.

The conclusion was that the US government isn’t an effective force in countering radical Islamist recruiters. Yet, she bragged about it.

This is the woman who destroyed Libya with an illegal war and didn’t bother to secure Gaddafi’s arsenal of weapons, the same woman who sold arms to nations like Qatar who arm terrorists, and this is the woman who supported the nuclear deal which allows Iran, the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, to build a nuclear weapon.

Joe Biden is telling the DNC this evening that Trump is exploiting our fears of ISIS. Biden probably agrees with Hillary who wants Americans to try and understand our enemies including ISIS. She wants us to empathize with them.


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