FBI Director Wray Says No Ukraine Interference But Not So Fast


FBI Director Christopher Wray on Monday dismissed the idea that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election. He is a bit of an establishment swamp critter so we don’t know if he should be trusted.

“We have no information that indicates that Ukraine interfered with the 2016 presidential election,” Wray told ABC News in an exclusive broadcast interview on Monday.

He made his comments after Sen. Ted Cruz (R, TX) said in an interview on NBC that the media is playing a game. “Because Russia interfered, the media pretends nobody else did. Ukraine blatantly interfered in our election.”

There is nothing wrong with the senator’s statement. We know other countries have interfered.

When asked about the claim, the swamp critter warned Americans to be cautious.

“Well, look, there’s all kinds of people saying all kinds of things out there. I think it’s important for the American people to be thoughtful consumers of information, to think about the sources of it and to think about the support and predication for what they hear,” he said. “And I think part of us being well protected against malign foreign influence is to build together an American public that’s resilient, that has appropriate media literacy and that takes its information with a grain of salt.”

When asked specifically about the Crowdstrike theory pushed by Rudy Giuliani, Wray said, “we have no information” supporting the theory.


The Crowstrike issue does sound fantastical, but there are issues concerning Democrats who interfered that he is ignoring. And, the facts are that Wray has not spoken to Giuliani or the President about it. He could do that.

The issues we found concern Democrats trying to get Ukrainians to interfere and two Ukrainian men who did go to jail for interference.

The Three Amigos

Three Democrats solicited help from Ukraine about four investigations and threatened to withhold aid if they didn’t come through.


There was potential interference in the election — by Democrats — and they are trying to interfere in the next one by taking out the President.

Democrat contractor Alexandra Chalupa allegedly asked Ukraine to dig up dirt on Donald Trump in 2016. She went to the Ukraine Embassy in 2016 and asked for help in finding dirt on Donald Trump in hopes of staging a congressional hearing to hurt Donald Trump in the fall election of 2016.

That is the Ukraine embassy’s on-the-record statement.

In addition, the embassy officials state, Ms. Chalupa also asked for the Ukraine president to visit the United States and spend time with an investigative reporter trying to turn up dirt on Donald Trump and Paul Manafort, Solomon told Sean Hannity on his show recently.

The embassy said they recognized this for what it was, an improper effort to influence the election and they refused to cooperate, Solomon says.

The Two Jailed Guys

In addition, a Kyiv court said that a Ukrainian lawmaker and a top anticorruption official in 2016 published documents linked to President Donald Trump’s then-campaign chairman to interfere in the U.S. presidential election.

A Kyiv court found in a December 11, 2018 ruling that Serhiy Leshchenko and Artem Sytnyk, director of the anti-corruption bureau (NABU), illegally released documents about Trump’s then-campaign chair Paul Manafort to assist Hillary Clinton’s re-election. The book showed payments by a Ukrainian political party, the Party of Regions, to Manafort.

The court said the publication of the so-called “black ledger” documents “led to interference in the electoral processes of the United States in 2016 and harmed the interests of Ukraine as a state.”

The validity of the black book is still in dispute.

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