FBI Director Wray Stands Up for the Swamp, Ignores the Smoking Gun


FBI Director Christopher Wray stood up for the swamp today in a typical bureaucratic speech. Wray didn’t mention the politicization of the FBI and called the guilty parties’ egregious behavior “mistakes”. What he thinks will fix it is training for all and internal discipline of five employees!

The Director completely ignored the Smoking Gun “We’ll Stop Trump” text.

During his presser Thursday, Wray quickly segued into the excellent work of the men and women of the FBI. No one ever said they weren’t excellent. We have only been talking about people at the top who influenced an election.

The people at the top of these government agencies are political and corrupt. There is no acknowledgement of that. They simply made mistakes that some internal discipline and training will address.


In the middle of the Hillary Clinton probe, Peter Strzok sent this text to Lisa Page:

The Washington Post reported the details of an August 2016 text message exchange between Strzok and then-FBI lawyer Lisa Page about Trump’s chance of being elected president.

“[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” Page texted Strzok.

“No. No, he won’t. We’ll stop it,” Strzok responded.

Strzok was the lead investigator in the Clinton probe. This is a smoking gun. Mueller who is probing Trump-Russia collusion also hired Strzok. It doesn’t matter that he eventually removed him and sent him to another department.


The IG report identified FIVE different instances where Comey used a Gmail account to conduct official FBI business, CNBC reported.

Yet, the IG also noted the [hypocritical] Comey blasted agents in a speech in October of 2016 over the use of private email/private server.

 “I have gotten emails from some employees about this, who said, “If I did what Hillary Clinton did I’d be in huge trouble.’ “

“My response is you bet your ass you’d be in huge trouble,” Comey said in that speech.

“If you used a personal email, Gmail or if you [had] the capabilities to set up your own email domain, if you used an unclassified personal email system to do our business in the course of doing our business even though you were communicating with people with clearances and doing work you discussed classified matters in that, in those communications, TS/SCI, special access programs, you would be in huge trouble in the FBI,” Comey said.

“Of that I am highly confident,” he added. “I’m also highly confident, in fact, certain you would not be criminally prosecuted for that conduct.”

Ugh! They can’t do it but he can.

Comey was described as going outside agency guidelines and was insubordinate. Why did he? Maybe because he was swinging the election?

Agents regularly mocked Trump and his followers. The FBI continually called the President Donald Drumpf and his supporters “f***ing idiots”, “pathetic”, and “sad”.

The IG report revealed yet another lawyer was removed from Mueller’s team of leftists/liberals in February of this year after anti-Trump text messages surfaced. ‘Viva Le Resistance,’ said the unidentified Trump-hating (future) Mueller lawyer in a November 2016 text message.

The “we’ll stop” Trump text was deliberately removed from the report given to Congress last year.

Journalists were regularly treating FBI agents to perks. Nothing to see here!

They never investigated the Clinton Foundation.

Everywhere you turn there is corruption.


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Menhard Sonnemann
Menhard Sonnemann
5 years ago

FBI Director Wray said that there was no bias in the Clinton email investigation. He stated that there were ,quote “SOME MISTAKES MADE BY THE FBI. I’ll let you be the judge. Isn’t a MISTAKE something done by accident, like me dropping a glass on the floor, accidentally . If I intentionally smash a glass by throwing on the floor, Isn’t that an intentional act. Like Hillary erasing her email, bleaching her computer, etc. I would say that was INTENT.
And the FBI basically covering up for her

Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
5 years ago

Both Horowitz and Wray are employees of the FBI. What should one expect from them investigation themselves and commenting on investigations of themselves?

Report #2 (on this Russian/collusion investigation will show the same type of bias, by the same people…and will be whitewashed by Horowitz and Wray.

The entire upper levels of the FBI and the DOJ should be fired and prohibited from ever again working for the federal government…in any capacity.

5 years ago

A good point here. Low level leakers go to prison.


5 years ago

“Nothing, nothing in this report impunes the integrity of our workforce as a whole”, says Wray.

“Have you no shame”, Mr. Wray.

I had forgotten the point made in the past that in no way should Main Justice have even been involved in this investigation. Rather, it should have been done by the Washington Field Office.

5 years ago

What we do know is “Wray’s” FBI is STILL up to its same old tricks. In the Awan case they will not allow evidence to be presented so they can have another watered down report. It’s going to take something far more intensive than some OIG department. These “Internal Affairs” departments are for one sole purpose, that is to allow career personnel to keep their jobs with little consequence.