FBI Drone Surveillance Doesn’t Fall Under the Constitution



The 4th Amendment doesn’t apply to invasive and potentially dangerous drone activity according to assistant director for the FBI’s congressional liaison office. The FBI does not believe they ever need to obtain a warrant to conduct drone surveillance as it is done within guidelines.

The FBI believes that because several Supreme Court cases approved manned aerial surveillance, the same would apply to drones. The court cases ruled that as long as the areas observed were in public view and no law enforcement officer was trespassing, there are no privacy rights violations.

Drones can be very small, can pry into your backyard, even into your home and they can be armed.

The FBI assures us they would not use these types of warrantless surveillance activities on an individual long-term.

Earlier this summer, CIA Director Mueller admitted the government use of drones after the administration denied it for years. In fact, Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, admitted lying about their use while he served as press secretary. Full story at Washinton Times



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