The FBI Has Been Corrupted



The “honorable” FBI is calling the Orlando attack a hate crime though it’s obviously a radical Islamic terror attack. The FBI has been corrupted by the Imperial president. Those of us who had faith in them might as well give it up.

The brave and honorable men in law enforcement and the FBI deserve better but they won’t get it.

Special Agent in charge of the Orlando attack, Ron Hopper, was asked if the attack would be officially classified as a hate crime.

“Here’s what I would say about that. This was an act of violence born out of hate that inflicted terror on an entire community. I would call it a hate crime, terrorism,” he responded.

This is the FBI, a once respected organization. It’s now nothing more than a politicized tool of the far-left administration. They’re liars. All sharia-led radical Islamists hate gays as they hate all infidels. They are all crazy but it’s the extremism of religion that guides them. We are at war with radical Islam and they want to destroy our way of life. They will win because of American political correctness, cowardice and far-left politics.


It didn’t stop there. The FBI and local law enforcement are calling the radical Islamic terrorist a mass murderer. Well of course he is but that’s not the problem. The problem is radical sharia. Radical Islam is not only a religion, it’s a complete way of life and it’s not a good one. It’s evil.

The FBI also said there were no credible terror threats against the US. What does that mean? They haven’t known about the threats that took place and they won’t know about the future ones.


Would you like to know what the FBI’s priority is? It’s civil rights violations against Muslims who claim they’ve been threatened. I don’t even believe they’ve been threatened. My concern is the 50 murdered people and the 53 injured people, not a few threats to Muslims, if there even were any. Let’s stop calling people by the category they fit into – they’re people!


It doesn’t stop there. The investigation will take years! Why?

This is the FBI that closed down Haney’s investigative unit that would have uncovered the San Bernardino attack and the Orlando attack. If you watch nothing else, watch this. One of my readers posted this in the comment section. Whistleblower, former Department of Homeland Security officer Philip Haney, is trying to warn Americans.

This is the FBI who let the New Black Panthers off the hook after intimidating voters. This is the FBI who let Lois Lerner off the hook. And now, this is the FBI that will pretend radical Islamic terrorism is a hate crime.

Undoubtedly, they will let Hillary off the hook too. She’s guilty as hell.


  1. ” The FBI has been corrupted by the Imperial president. Those of us who had faith in them might as well give it up.”
    Anyone who ever had faith in the FBI wasn’t paying attention. They have been ineffective and corrupt since before they were called the FBI. Their function has always been to justify their existence to the powers that be, and nothing else.

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