FBI has Seth Rich’s computer after lying about it for 4 years


Ty Clevenger reported on his LawFlog blog, that the FBI does indeed have Seth Rich’s computer. This is after the FBI claimed they didn’t for four years.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has files from the laptop computer belonging to Seth Rich, the report states. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) employee was murdered in 2016.

The bureau also has tens of thousands of documents mentioning Rich.

The FBI “has completed the initial search identifying approximately 50 cross-reference serials, with attachments totaling over 20,000 pages, in which Seth Rich is mentioned,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Parker wrote in the message to attorney Ty Clevenger, who is representing a plaintiff in Huddleston v. Federal Bureau of Investigation. The case resulted from a Freedom of Information Act request to the bureau.

“FBI has also located leads that indicate additional potential records that require further searching,” Parker added.

The bureau also confirmed it has files from Rich’s laptop and suggested it still has the computer in its possession.

The bureau is “currently working on getting the files from Seth Rich’s personal laptop into a format to be reviewed,” Parker said in the email. She also said the FBI plans on undertaking some level of review of the computer.

The disclosure came as part of a case brought in federal court by Texas resident Brian Huddleston, who filed a Freedom of Information Act request in April asking the FBI to produce all data, documents, records, or communications that reference Seth Rich or his brother, Aaron Rich.

The FBI told the plaintiff in June that it would take 8 to 10 months to provide a final response to the request, prompting the filing of the case in the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

The FBI originally said they couldn‘t find any records.

Rich was working for the Democratic National Committee when he was shot and killed in Washington on July 10, 2016.  It’s an unsolved case. He was walking in a dangerous area in the middle of the night, but he was not robbed. It really is tragic.

Many people believe he is the leaker of the Clinton/Podesta emails. Hints by Julian Assange suggested it as a possibility. There is no evidence yet, and the parents won a lawsuit against Fox News after Hannity reported the story which was deemed a conspiracy at the time.

President Trump was falsely accused of colluding with Russia to leak the documents.



  1. The FBI is so corrupted that it will never become what it is supposed to be. It needs a complete cleaning and prosecution of all its members who have obstructed justice in favor of politics.

  2. Delegitimizing has consequences. Better get busy on that garage pull Keystone Cop clowns.
    Do as you’re told or the cushy pension and champagne fountain dinner invite with CCP donors/owners gets pulled.
    Save the cornball backwoods militia capers and G Man hype for children and comic books.

  3. Yet the Feds were able to give Hillary Clinton a pass after sorting through tens of thousands of her emails in just a few days. Ain’t that something.

  4. It has become glaringly obvious Christopher Wray and the top brass in the FBI are involved in the coup against President Trump and I will add, in my opinion, they are traitors to our government, our republic and the citizens of the United States. In his book, “Masters of Deceit,” J. Edgar Hoover warned us about globalism and the traitors within our own government.

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