FBI Is Investigating Jeffrey Epstein’s Death


The FBI has already launched an investigation into the circumstances of Jeffrey Epstein’s death by hanging Saturday. His death comes only 24 hours after a judge ordered all records — 2,000 pages — unsealed in a lawsuit by his ‘sex slave’.

Attorney General William Barr says he was “appalled” to learn of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide in jail.

Barr said in a statement Saturday that Epstein’s death in federal custody “raises serious questions that must be answered.”

Barr has ordered the inspector general to open an investigation into the death. The FBI is also investigating.

A person familiar with the matter says Barr was “livid” that Epstein was able to take his own life.

The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity in order to discuss private conversations.


The “slave” Virginia Guiffre claimed she was directed to have sex with many famous people, including Prince Andrew, George Mitchell, Bill Richardson, a Spanish President, attorney Alan Dershowitz, hedge funder Glenn Dubin, late MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, modeling company founder Jean Luc-Brunel, the owner of a large hotel chain, another prince, a well-known Prime Minister, and she said Bill Clinton had a huge party on Orgy Island.

Gawker in 2015 published flight logs for one of Epstein’s private jets that showed Clinton had taken more than a dozen trips on the plane with Maxwell.

Many of the articles are over-emphasizing Donald Trump’s one plane trip to Newark on Epstein’s plane, and the fact that Epstein was a member of Mar-a-Lago over a decade ago.

According to one of Guiffre’s depositions, she said Trump never had any sexual contact with any of Epstein’s girls, and she corrected an earlier deposition, saying that Trump never flirted with her.

The suicide looks suspicious but Epstein did try to kill himself two weeks ago. #ClintonBodyCounts is still trending.

Epstein was found in cardiac arrest in his cell at 6:38 am in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan, a very secure facility. The 66-year old was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead, just two weeks after he attempted suicide in his cell.

He was awaiting trial on charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking. Epstein was never again going to see the light of day. He pleaded guilty to sex with an underage girl more than a decade ago and was let off with a light sentence.

On July 24, he was found barely conscious in the fetal position on the floor of his cell. After medical treatment, he was sent back to jail.

He was on suicide watch after the first attempt.

His madam, Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly abetted Epstein in keeping Virginia Roberts Guiffre as a ‘sex slave’ in the early 2000s. She must also have a great deal of information about a lot of famous people.

The Court Documents
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