FBI Just Had Another Key Terrorist Screening Tool Taken Away



Obama found another way to keep us from fighting terrorism. US law enforcement who interview Syrian refugees are banned from asking questions about the person’s religious affiliations or beliefs. This came down from Obama-on-high in the form of a policy memorandum.

It has become increasingly difficult for the FBI to find out the most key information from refugees out of Political Correctness.

The ACLU is almost always behind these changes and Obama is only too glad to cooperate because he is one of them.

“These gradual but severe restrictions were coupled with a simultaneous reduction in accurate, fact-based training to address the nature of the threat we face, leaving us inadequately prepared for the challenges we face today,” a government source familiar with national security told The Daily Caller.

DHS officers probably can’t ask if they are members of al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood, Boko Haram and so on. Barack Obama is and has been very supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood despite the fact that they are a terrorist group serving as the umbrella organization for most other Muslim terrorist groups. They are the PR people.

The interviewers would not be able to ask about views towards various terrorists, some operating out of mosques in the US. The Ft. Hood shooter wouldn’t have been able to be asked about religion. He sent emails to Amwar Awlaki, an American and former imam, which made it clear that the shooter was a terrorist to all but Obama. That and his shouting Allahu Akbar.

It’s how they uncovered evidence around all terrorist activities – looking at associations. Interviews no longer include any intimidation techniques and now when the FBI interviews, they can’t ask the pertinent questions.

Imagine interviewing the Oklahoma beheader and having your hands hog-tied behind you.
Imagine interviewing the Oklahoma beheader and having your hands hog-tied behind you.

The DHS civil rights leftists began investigating Customs and Border Protection agents because CAIR, the Council on American–Islamic Relations which is tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and specifically Hamas, complained about the questions being asked such as those concerning known affiliations with Islamic organizations.

The ACLU backed them and encouraged them.

It’s just more of what he has done in every facet of immigration and refugee enforcement. It goes on at the border, with visas, and on and on.

The application for T and U visas for instance don’t even require applicants to state whether or not they are terrorists or have been involved in a crime.

There is no verification or enforcement system.

I filled out a longer form for my library card.

Bob Trent, a former Border Patrol agent who helps run the National Association of Former Border Patrol Agents, said the 1986 amnesty in which agents at least gave the impression they were going to verify applicants responses to questions.

At the time, the “proof” required were “simply letters purporting that the applicant entered the U.S. prior to the cut off date. The most common theme was they met the applicants at their birthday party, so it was date certain. The letters were signed by a U.S. Citizen or a green card holder.”

“Those applying for the agricultural worker amnesty,” Bob says, “had fake time sheets or pay stubs. Some small time farmers sold letters in vast quantities.”

“Liberals equated high rates of approval to success,” which meant INS managers just changed the “D” for denial to “G” for granted on applications.

A NYC Broadway law firm filed fraudulent applications as did others.

As Bob says, the 1986 amnesty was a “travesty of American justice.” As we know, Democrats never tightened security afterwards as they promised.

Amnesty was extended a half dozen times after that.

USCIS has no investigative component and normally it would go to ICE/HSI investigations. Immigration enforcement is a low priority for ICE/HSI.

This is the deferred action amnesty form.


Source: Read the article at the The Federalist





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