FBI Lied About Why They Wouldn’t Out the Agents Under Investigation


According to reporter Paul Sperry, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) just outed  two of the unidentified anti-Trump, pro-Hillary FBI investigators referred for punishment by the Inspector General. Both work for the general counsel of the FBI and they are NOT in “counterintelligence” as the FBI claimed as an excuse to withhold their names.

One is Sally Moyer who allegedly was having a romantic relationship with a male FBI attorney, mirroring Page and Strzok. The other appears to be Kevin Clinesmith. Rod Rosenstein, the obstructionist deputy attorney general, won’t allow Horowitz to give the names to the public.

Not one of these agents on these Clinton and Trump probes is pro-Trump. They are all anti-Trump. Not one is anti-Hillary and all are pro-Hillary. Of course, there was bias. They spent their workday spreading anti-Trump hate.

Strzok said he wants to appear before the House and Senate committees to clear his name. His lawyer says he’s a patriot. The House said he’d better call because the subpoena is ready.


Law & Crime reported that Agent Peter Strzok was escorted from the FBI building on Friday as a probe into his actions moves ahead.

At the center of the investigation was a smoking gun email sent by Strzok to his lover Lisa Page assuring her Trump would be stopped.

During today’s testimony on Capitol Hill, the Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirmed Strzok was being investigated for bias and probably hated Donald Trump. He also confirmed that the original report was redlined by the higher ups.

The OIG report concluded that it was possible political bias influenced Strzok’s decision-making. His lawyer, on the other hand, claims the report is “critically flawed.”


So Strzok’s a patriot who wanted to stop Trump though illegal means. Really? We know the FBI lies to us about why they withhold information as confirmed today.

Comey was alleged to be a straight shooter but he’s not.

Comey lied and said Hillary had no intent to mishandle classified data, ergo, there was no crime, but a Navy seaman with no intent was guilty and went to the brig for a year.

The law says intent is not a requirement but Comey’s a straight shooter? This corruption happened under Jim Comey.

These people did not protect Americans. There could have been a loss of lives over Hillary’s misuse of state secrets.

The agents knew Hillary’s IT tech lied multiple times but they didn’t think he meant to lie. Meanwhile, the tech could have turned state’s evidence. They knew Huma Abedin lied but didn’t bother to follow up.

The Executive Summary was written to support the Democrat narrative — there was no bias. Unfortunately for whoever modified the report, the IG shot down that media/Democrat talking point today during testimony on the Hill. Horowitz testified, “We did NOT find no bias in regard to the October 2016 events.” Strzok’s choice to make pursuing the Russia espionage case a bigger priority than reopening the Clinton espionage case suggested “that was a BIASED decision”

The top officials at the DoJ/FBI are corrupt.

Sessions said sometimes there are innocent reasons. Well, let us have them.



  1. Another blatant lie by someone in the FBI? So, if one lies to the FBI they go to jail, bUT, if the FBI lies to Congress, well, that’s just fine. If this keeps up the FBI and maybe other agencies could be faced with legislation that creates serious penalties for thwarting Congressional investigations among other restrictions.

  2. Both Wray & RosenstAin are corrupt as they refuse to give Congress the information to which they are entitled which is a felony in violation of 18 U.S.C. Section 1505, obstruction of a Congressional Investigation.
    As well RosenstAin is guilty of felony perjury for lying to the FISA Court, which is why RosenstAin will not give up the evidence which will incriminate HIM. Lying to the FISA Court is a felony, felony perjury, 18 U.S.C. Sections 1001a and 1621. Rosenstain needs to be fired and Trey Gowdy hired in his stead, (or someone as skilled & experienced as a prosecutor), and appointment of Gowdy needs no Senate confirmation. TIME TO GET HOT, TEAMMATES AND START POURING ON THE PRESSURE ON THESE CROOKS WHO HAVE COMMITTED C RI MES AMOUNTING TO TREASON, INCLUDING “No Semper Fi Mueller”.

  3. I think most everyone would agree that if you are contacted by the FBI in an investigation there would be some sense of fear since they wield a great deal of power over the individual. Whatever interview that is conducted it is summarized on a Form 302. According to testimony in the OIG hearing there have been discussions for years about recording interviews, and the interviews remain unrecorded. Apparently the “trust” in the FBI has allowed this to continue. What do we know of how these interviews are conducted. Are any unethical actions being taken. Considering the overwhelming power this Agency has would anyone divulge unethical behavior if Agents made substantial threats for disclosure. We have heard many witnesses say they cannot speak about their interviews. I would not be one bit surprised if there were unscrupulous shenanigans going on. As one person stated when he was to be interviewed by the FBI, when he turned on a recorder the agents got up and left the room. It was brought up in the hearing by one Member that one recommendation by the IG should be to record all interviews.

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