FBI May Never Know Omar Mateen’s Motive, They’re Trying to Figure It Out


lynch'Loretta Lynch is really on the ball. She’s looking for the motives of the Orlando terrorist and said she may never know all of Omar Mateen’s motives. She did spend a lot of time on the fact that the victims are LGBTs and saying it was about hate.

Omar was interviewed twice by the FBI when his colleagues at a security firm said he was threatening to kill people for Islam.

The FBI interviewed him twice and ended up closing the case. Again, in 2014, he came to the attention of the FBI because he was communicating with an American suicide bomber before he launched his own attack. Again the FBI closed the case because they saw the contact as minimal.

Several weeks before the slaughter, a gun store owner reported him to the FBI as suspicious for wanting to buy body armor and bulk ammo but he didn’t leave ID at the time.

Disney warned the FBI when he and his wife and child visited. Can you imagine how bad he must have been for Disney to have noticed?

Two years ago, a Muslim neighbor reported him.

Lynch said his actions at the time of the original investigation did not indicate he was heading towards a violent attack.

During his rampage and calls to the FBI, he said he was doing it for ISIS and swearing allegiance to al-Baghdadi.

You can understand why she’d be confused as to motive [sarcasm].

Sunday she said firmly the 9-1-1 tapes of the terror attack would be redacted, then her office said they released them unredacted though they were clearly redacted and edited. “God” was substituted for “Allah.”

Mateen’s wife who knew a lot about what was going is in hiding. Lynch said she doesn’t know if the wife Noor is in Florida. Some say she’s in Mississippi. The FBI appears to have lost track of her.

The wife’s defense might be to say she has a learning disability according to some media reports. Meanwhile, she graduated from college.

Lynch does know the Orlando attack was a “shattering attack.”

Governor Scott was on Cavuto’s show this afternoon and said their terrorism funds are being used by the Obama administration for everything but. He needs a federal partner who knows they have to destroy ISIS but he doesn’t have that partner.

Josh Earnest thinks it’s absurd that we want to call it radical Islamic terrorism. Maybe this is why they can’t figure out the motive.

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